15 Easy Mead Recipes for Beginners (2024)

Homemade mead (honey wine) is probably one of my favorite fermented beverages to make. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to produce your own tasty homebrew. I put together this awesome list of easy mead recipes so that you can have access to all of them in one place!

15 Easy Mead Recipes for Beginners (1)

Mead Making for Beginners Ebook

If you want to learn more about making mead, I have a Simple Mead Making for Beginners eBook just for you!

It has ingredient and equipment checklists and detailed instructions for brewing and bottling your mead. Be sure to check it out if you’re new to the mead making process and want a more detailed guide!

Getting Started with Mead Making

Before you begin making mead you will need to get some special ingredients and equipment. Don’t worry, nothing is too expensive and the equipment can be reused to make more mead later on!

I also want to talk about mead terminology. Technically mead is just honey, water, and yeast.

When fruit is added it is called a melomel, which is what many of the following recipes are. I still like to call them mead to keep it simple, though.

Likewise, mead made with herbs, spices, and flowers is called metheglin, and mead made with maple syrup is an acerglyn.

You can also make cyser, which is mead made with apple cider instead of water. So many choices!

15 Easy Mead Recipes for Beginners (2)

15 Easy Mead Recipes for Beginners

Simple Mead Recipe (one gallon)

I’m starting with this one because it is the most basic one gallon of mead recipe that I have and it explains all of the steps in detail.

If you are new to making mead I would read this recipe first as it is the basis for most of the other recipes here.

Simple One Gallon Mead Recipe

This is a simple mead recipe that is very easy to put together. Learn how to make mead using this beginner's recipe!

Check out this recipe

Simple Mead Recipe (five gallons)

If you want to make five gallons of mead, then this is the recipe to follow.

The basics are the same as the one gallon recipe, but it is scaled for five gallons and is brewed in a fermenting bucket rather than a one gallon jug.

Bottling five gallons of mead is a bit different than one gallon, so I have instructions on how to do that as well.

Five Gallon Mead Recipe

I've shown you how to make one gallon of mead, now it's time to up your game! Here's how to make 5 gallons of mead. Delicious honey wine!

Check out this recipe

Strawberry Mead

Similar to blackberry mead, this strawberry mead is also super yummy!

I like making it in the springtime when strawberries are abundant. It would be extra delicious with the addition of some fresh mint leaves!

15 Easy Mead Recipes for Beginners (5)

Strawberry Mead

The best way to start is on a small scale, and a gallon batch of mead is the perfect size for beginners. This mead recipe features fresh strawberries, but you can easily substitute your favorite fresh fruit.

Check out this recipe

Blackberry Mead

Blackberry mead is one of my most favorite mead recipes.

It’s a simple and delicious way to use up all of your foraged blackberries!

Blackberry Mead

Make this simple and tasty blackberry mead recipe when blackberries are in season!

Check out this recipe

Elderberry Mead

I use a bit of a different process than normal to make this elderberry mead, but it still has an excellent result!

I love how it turns a dark purple color and is reminiscent of a dry red wine. It’s perfect to make in the fall with all of your foraged elderberries!

Elderberry Mead

Mead, or fermented honey wine, is a delicious ancient fermented beverage and it's so easy to make! This elderberry mead, made with foraged berries, is a wonderful version of classic mead and perfect for the holidays.

Check out this recipe

Lilac Mead

This lilac mead is perfect to make in springtime when lilacs are in season!

It’s a delicious floral treat that you will love.

Lilac Mead

Lilac flowers are beautiful and edible, but they don't last long! I like to try to preserve that lilac flavor to enjoy throughout the year. This lilac mead recipe is a delicious way to do that!

Check out this recipe

Vanilla Bean and Chamomile Mead

Oh my, I love anything made with chamomile, and this vanilla bean and chamomile mead from Pixie’s Pocket sounds extra wonderful!

15 Easy Mead Recipes for Beginners (9)

Vanilla Bean & Chamomile Mead

This mead is so, so very good. This combination is one of my favorites! The flavor is rich with the notes of vanilla, the chamomile flowers add a bit of fruity bitterness all their own, and they lend this mead a strong body. This is a mead that is at it’s best on the sweet end of the spectrum.

Check out this recipe

Dandelion Mead

This dandelion mead recipe is a favorite of mine in the springtime when dandelions are everywhere! Just be sure that you are foraging in areas that aren’t sprayed.

This is a delicate tasting mead that lets the sunshine flavor of the dandelion petals come through!

Dandelion Mead

This is a delicious mead made with foraged dandelion petals.

Check out this recipe

Hawthorn and Rose Hip Mead

I’ve heard that rose hips are a great addition to mead, and hawthorn berries have multiple health benefits.

This hawthorn and rose hip mead would be perfect to make in the fall to drink later in the winter!

15 Easy Mead Recipes for Beginners (11)

Spiced Hawthorn & Rose Hip Mead

A beverage for a joyful heart! Spiced hawthorn and rose hip mead marries herbal medicine with fermented libation.

Check out this recipe

Maple Mead

This maple mead recipe (acerglyn) is awesome because it replaces part of the honey with pure maple syrup.

It is great to make in the wintertime for drinking in spring!

Maple Mead with Orange and Spices

Maple mead, also called acerglyn, is made by replacing some of the honey with pure maple syrup. Here is a one gallon maple mead recipe fermented with orange and spices!

Check out this recipe

Elderflower Sparkling Mead

This elderflower sparkling mead is perfect to make in the summertime when elderflowers are abundant.

It is a sparkling mead that uses less honey so therefore has a slightly lower alcohol content than most of my other mead recipes.

Sparkling Elderflower Mead Recipe

Go foraging for elderflowers, and then make this sparkling mead recipe! This easy homemade sparkling elderflower mead recipe is low alcohol, delicately flavored, and the perfect foraged drink for a hot summer day!

Check out this recipe

Wildflower Mead

Along the same lines as the dandelion or elderflower mead is this amazing wildflower mead!

It uses a mixture of dandelion petals, lavender blossoms, and yarrow flowers. I was afraid that the yarrow would make it bitter, but it actually turned out wonderful!

Wildflower Mead

Have you made a gallon of mead yet? Here is a great recipe for how to make wildflower mead. Wildflowers are in season, so now is the perfect time!

Check out this recipe

Wild Rose Petal Mead

Now this wild rose petal mead sounds right up my alley!

I have never brewed mead with rose petals (yet) but it is definitely something that I need to try. I’m sure it’s amazing!

15 Easy Mead Recipes for Beginners (15)

Rose Herbal Mead

This year I wanted to try something new with our wild roses and mead seemed like a lovely endeavor.

Check out this recipe

Cyser (mead made with apple cider)

I would love to made a spiced cyser someday as it sounds so delicious and festive!

Make it in the fall with freshly pressed apple juice and you won’t regret it!

15 Easy Mead Recipes for Beginners (16)

Spiced Cyser Apple Mead

Wassail started as a simple cyser—mead with roasted apples added to the simmering pot. Over the years, spices were added and the base evolved to include wine, beer, and spirits. These various beverages all took on the moniker of mulled and are usually served warmed. When autumnal vibes and sweater weather set in, I yearn for a warmed glass of this spiced cyser, but it’s also delectable cold. Be sure to save a few bottles to enjoy year-round!

Check out this recipe

Rhubarb Mead

This recipe for rhubarb mead sounds lovely, and it’s a little different because it’s made in a small batch using only a quart sized jar!

This is perfect for the absolute beginner who wants to start small.

15 Easy Mead Recipes for Beginners (17)

Rhubarb Mead

Rhubarb has a sweet-tart flavor that comes through beautifully in homemade rhubarb mead. Though it’s technically a vegetable, the stalks contain both sugar and acid, which gives them a fruit-like flavor. That acidic sweetness makes them a good candidate for brewing.

Check out this recipe

Well there you have it, 15 awesome mead recipes for beginners that you can make today!

Happy mead making!

15 Easy Mead Recipes for Beginners (2024)
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