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Congratulations! After telling everyone that you are pregnant, finding out if you are having a boy or a girl is the next exciting step in having your baby.

Even if you are not pregnant yet, chances are you are going to need these unique gender reveal ideas soon for you or a friend. So, you can pin them on Pinterest now so you’ll be all set for when the time comes!

I love the ideaof making the actual gender reveal a very special moment. Whether it is just between you and your husband or you do it at a party with close friends and family, here are someadorable & unique gender reveal ideas for that incredible moment you will always remember.

1. Pinata with Colored Confetti

Not only is this idea adorable, but you can also do it yourself! Well, except someone else will have to put in the pink or blue confetti to keep it a secret of course. Check out Funny Beautiful’s blog forinstructions on how to make this genius DIY gender reveal idea using an IKEA lantern. Actually, even if you don’t use it for the reveal, these would be adorable decorations for your gender reveal party. (via Funny Beautiful)

Here’s a tutorial on how to make your own:

Or, similarly…

2. Confetti & Balloon Filled Boxes

(via The Magic Brush Inc)

(via Kara’s Party Ideas)

DIY Gender reveal cardboard boxes are so darn cute and budget friendly. You can either hang it from above like the first picture for a waterfall effect or open it up to let the balloons float out. It is certainly a bit trickier to get it rigged up way in the trees like in the first picture, but such an amazing effect with the green outdoor backdrop. I have also seen a very cute twist where the younger brother or sister is inside and jumps out of the box holding a blue or pink balloon.

Or to continue on the theme of confetti filled gender reveal ideas…


Make everyone part of the moment with super cute confetti cannons! Now, I have seen a lot of DIY ideas and Etsy listings for the smaller confetti poppers. But, when you watch videos, the results are a bit lackluster. So, instead, make sure you buy the large poppers or confetti cannons (like these) to guarantee you’ll get the full effect.

4. Powder Party

This picture says it all. Secretly give everyone a cup of colored powder and have everyone go crazy! Such a special moment and great photo op. (via Grey Likes Baby)

5. Smoke Fountain

These smoke fountains look so whimsical and cool that you can take a photo during the big reveal to use as your gender reveal announcement. (via Inspiring Pretty)

6. Colored Sparklers

This might be my favorite idea, especially for a summertime gender reveal party. Hand everyone special sparklers that ignite and reveal whether it is a boy or a girl. (via The Magnolia Mamas)

7. Gender Reveal Volcano

Looking for unique gender reveal ideas that everyone hasn’t seen before? Well, this may be the perfect idea for you. Have a Hawaiian themed gender reveal (ideas below) and have the volcano erupt for the big reveal. (via Her Party Pants)

8. Silly String Fight

I love this playful gender reveal idea that will bring you back to your childhood: a good old-fashioned silly string fight! Have someone buy pink or blue silly string, then wrap the cans in a neutral paper color. Have all your friends and family grab a can and go crazy for a moment you will always remember. (via Little Mrs. Preschool)

9. Pinata

We are never too old to enjoy whacking a pinata. You can create your very own DIY stork pinata following this easy tutorial. Then, have a trusted friend or family member fill it with pink or blue goodies. (via The House That Lars Built)

10. Color Changing Candle

I picture doing this gender reveal at night.You can have all your friends and family light plain white candles around you, passing the flame down the line. Then, when they get to you, they will light this special gender reveal candle. When it lights, it will burn blue or pink to reveal the gender. It will create a very magical moment and great photo op. (via Etsy)

11. Pop the Belly Balloon Game

This could be used for the big moment or for a game at the gender reveal party. If you use it for the big reveal, simply fill all but one of the balloons with yellow paint or a neutral color. Then, fill the final balloon with pink or blue. Use darts to try to pop each of the balloons to find out. What I love about this idea is that you don’t know exactly which one is going to reveal the big secret so the anticipation will grow and grow. (via Smudge Blog)

Gender RevealDesserts

12. Pinata Cake

This is sure to be the most special cake cutting you’ve ever done. For those RHOBH fans out there, you will recall that Megan King Edmonds did a similar gender reveal cake for her baby. You can either make a pinata cake like this one where blue or pink candies spill out of the center when you cook it or you can have the cake inside be colored pink or blue. (via Sweet & Savory by Shinee)

13. Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Similar to above, you can also create gender reveal cupcakes that you can bite into to reveal the surprise. Simply bake regular cupcakes, create a hole in the center and fill with pink or blue frosting. Then, ice as usual with neutral frosting on top and wait to reveal! (via Pretty Hungry Blog)

14. Gender Reveal Cookies

Prefer cookies over cake? We’ve got you covered. Also, keep in mind that you can still make these dessert-inspired gender reveal ideas for the party even if you are not using them for the big moment. (via Craftstorming)

15. Gender Reveal Video

If your friends and family are all over the country and not everyone can be there for the big moment, a gender reveal video may be a cute idea. Watch one of my favorite blogger’s adorable gender reveal video here.

Up Next: Gender Reveal Party Food Ideas

Which was your favorite gender reveal idea? If you know of other unique gender reveal ideas, share below in the comments!


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15 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas for the Big Moment - She Tried What (2024)
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