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There’s something quite strong and assertive about boys’ names beginning with V. They remind us of qualities like virtue and valiance, and of course, the power to be victorious.
Boy names with V also aren’t very common, which means, if a V name is one you’re considering for your son, he is always sure to stand out from the rest.

There are some gorgeous ones to choose from. You could pick from traditional names like Vincent and Vaughn, or choose something more unusual, like Varick or Viggo.

If you find yourself drawn to V names, maybe you’ll find your baby boy’s name on one of the vast and vibrant lists below.

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The most popular boy names that start with V

These V names have stood the test of time.

  1. Valentino: Meaning strength and health in Italian, Drop the “o” and you have another V name: Valentin.
  2. Van: An English name, Van means glad and can be used for both boys and girls. It can also be spelled with a double “n”: Vann, for an even more unusual twist.
  3. Vance: Vance means marshland and is from Old English.
  4. Vane: Vane is related to the name Vance, but feels more modern and snappy.
  5. Vaughn: This Welsh name means little.
  6. Vida: This Spanish name can be used for both boys and girls. It means life.
  7. Vince: You might have guessed that Vince is a shortened version of Vincent, but it has become a name in its own right. It also means prevailing.
  8. Ved: A name of Indian descent, Ved means sacred knowledge.
  9. Veer: Veer is a Punjabi name. It means brave.
  10. Vegas: This name is all about the wild and wonderful Nevada city.
  11. Vic: A shortened name for Victor, but one that also stands on its own.
  12. Victor: Originally a French name meaning champion, Victor is becoming less common after a long time on the popularity charts, but that doesn’t mean it’s lost its impact. You could also spell it with a “k”: Viktor.
  13. Vihaan: Another Indian name, Vihaan means morning. The perfect name for your little ray of sunshine.
  14. Vincent: Vincent is a classic name, with strong associations to Saint Vincent de Paul, a French Catholic priest who dedicated his life to caring for the poor. It’s popular among Catholics and Italian-Americans and means prevailing in Latin.
  15. Vito: Like Vida in Spanish, Vito also means life in Spanish.
  16. Vivian: A classic and elegant gender neutral name, Vivian is of Latin origin and means lively.

Unique baby boy names with V

Even common V names are quite unusual, but if you look a little deeper, you’ll find a huge variety of male names starting with V that are rarely used in the United States.

Celebrate your little valedictorian’s uniqueness with one of these names from around the world:

  1. Vachel: This Old French name means small cow.
  2. Vadim: A Russian name that means powerful ruler.
  3. Vahe: An Armenian name, Vahe means victor.
  4. Vail: An Old English name that means from the valley.
  5. Valen: Related to Valentino and Valentin, Valen also means strong and healthy.
  6. Vallis: A reference to a Welshman in Old French.
  7. Vamana: A Sanskrit name, Vamana means deserving praise.
  8. Vander: Vander is believed to be related to the Greek name Evander, which means good man.
  9. Venice: Why not name your baby boy after this beautiful Italian city?
  10. Varick: This Icelandic name carries an air of nomadic mystery. It means sea drifter.
  11. Varrius: This name is from Shakespeare’s comedy Measure for Measure.
  12. Vartan: Vartan is an Armenian name that means rose.
  13. Varun: A Hindu name that means lord of the waters.
  14. Varuna: A Sanskrit name, Varuna means the God of the night sky.
  15. Varys: Fans of Game of Thrones will remember Lord Varys, who plays such a pivotal role in the series. This Latin name means bow-legged.
  16. Vassar: An English name, Vassar means vassal or servant.
  17. Vasska: Vasska is a Slavic name that means royal or kingly.
  18. Vavrin: A Czech name, Vavrin means laurel.
  19. Vere: Vere means faithful and loyal in Latin.
  20. Vidal: Like Vivian, Vidal also means lively in Latin.
  21. Viggo: This one might make you think of the strapping The Lord of the Rings actor Viggo Mortensen. It’s a Norse name meaning battle or fight.
  22. Vikram: A name of both worldly and literary heritage. Ever read any of the books by the famous author Vikram Seth? Vikram is a Hindu name that means glorious king.
  23. Virat: Another Hindu name, Virat means supreme being.
  24. Virgil: Meaning strong in Latin.
  25. Vital: This name means exactly what you think it means: life-giving in Latin.
  26. Voss: Voss is an unusual German name that means fox. It can also be used as a girls’ name.

Alternative names related to Vincent

There are so many variations of the name Vincent that we thought we’d list them for you here. Maybe one pronunciation or spelling will feel better for you than another.

  1. Vincens
  2. Vincente
  3. Vincentio
  4. Vencentius
  5. Vincents
  6. Vincenty
  7. Vincenz
  8. Vincenze
  9. Vincenzio
  10. Vincenzo
  11. Vincien
  12. Vincient

If you wanted to combine the classic history of this beautiful V name with a splash of modern American culture, you could always go full Pulp Fiction and give your son two V names: Vincent Vega.

One-syllable names that start with V

With such a strong first letter, one-syllable V names sound extra punchy and will definitely leave a vivid lasting impression. Try out some of these names if you’re looking for something short and snappy.

  1. Va
  2. Vash
  3. Val
  4. Vale
  5. Ved
  6. Vedh
  7. Veit
  8. Ville
  9. Vi
  10. Vin
  11. Vinh
  12. Vinn
  13. Vint
  14. Vir
  15. Vlad
  16. Void
  17. Volf
  18. Von
  19. Vong
  20. Vonn
  21. Vox
  22. Vraj
  23. Vu
  24. Vue
  25. Vui
  26. Vuk

Other boy names that start with V

The list is ultimately endless, and if you haven’t found what you’re looking for from the names above, maybe one below will resonate.

  1. Vaclav
  2. Vaden
  3. Vadim
  4. Vairaja
  5. Valeray
  6. Valerio
  7. Valiant
  8. Vallen
  9. Valor
  10. Valter
  11. Vamana
  12. Varad
  13. Vardaan
  14. Varden
  15. Varocher
  16. Varian
  17. Veroslav
  18. Verrell
  19. Vasant
  20. Vasava
  21. Vasilos
  22. Vasily
  23. Vasu
  24. Vasudev
  25. Vasudeva
  26. Vasuman
  27. Vavrinec
  28. Vayk
  29. Vedanga
  30. Vedant
  31. Vedansh
  32. Vedanth
  33. Vedit
  34. Vega
  35. Vencel
  36. Venec
  37. Venture
  38. Vered
  39. Vernon
  40. Vian
  41. Victory
  42. Vidit
  43. Vidur
  44. Vihan
  45. Vijay
  46. Vilhelm
  47. Vilko
  48. Villami
  49. Villiard
  50. Vilok
  51. Vinicio
  52. Vinnie
  53. Vinny
  54. Vinson
  55. Vinton
  56. Viraaj
  57. Viraat
  58. Viraj
  59. Viren
  60. Vireo
  61. Virlan
  62. Vitaly
  63. Vitas
  64. Vitezslav
  65. Vivek
  66. Viyaan
  67. Viyan
  68. Vishnu
  69. Vittorio
  70. Vladimir
  71. Vladmir
  72. Vladislav
  73. Vyden
  74. Vyncent
  75. Vyom

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155 of the Best Baby Boy Names That Start With V | Peanut (2024)
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