20 Cheap and Easy Soup Recipes (2024)


As winter clings on, now is the perfect time to make a pot of soup. Warming and nourishing, soup is the ultimate meal in a bowl, and even freezes well. The following 20 recipes are affordable and easy to make, and can be adjusted to feed a crowd or a dinner for two. Try one this week — your wallet and your stomach are sure to thank you.

1. Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

This creamy squash and potato soup is a beautiful color, and the main ingredients are affordable and have a long shelf life. The recipe comes together easily, especially if you can find pre-cut butternut squash on sale.

2. Sausage, Potato, and Spinach Soup

A hearty one-pot dish of sausage, potatoes, and spinach that requires mere minutes of active cooking. Potatoes are always cheap, and you can use whatever sausage is on special that week.

3. Lentil Soup

To make this lentil soup, just throw some lentils and veggies in a pot; and that's it! It's flavorful, simple, and inexpensive. Serve with a loaf of crusty bread.

4. Lighter Spinach and Egg Drop Soup

A very easy and light but comforting egg drop soup that's also quick. It makes a great first course, and it doesn't get much cheaper than greens, broth, and eggs.

5. Winter Vegetable Minestrone

A tasty minestrone that is chock-full of healthy and budget-friendly veggies. In a pinch, use whatever vegetables and pasta you have available.

6. Healthy Asian Soba Noodle Soup

A light but flavorful Asian soup that utilizes healthful buckwheat noodles. It comes together fast, and cabbage can be substituted for bok choy if you can't find it at your local grocery.

7. Easy Vegetarian Chili

This simply delicious veggie chili doesn't take many ingredients or much effort. It's very affordable and good for you, making it a great option to feed a crowd or freeze for later.

8. White Bean and Roasted Mushroom Soup

A cost-effective and healthy mushroom soup that uses blended white beans to create a creamy base. Add in crumbled, cooked sausage or wilted greens to mix it up.

9. Easy Chicken Orzo Soup

A simple chicken soup that's sure to cure what ails you. Chicken thighs make it especially affordable, and it couldn't be easier to put together.

10. Broccoli Cheese Soup

This one-pot broccoli cheese soup is exceedingly easy, with no pureeing required. The addition of dairy makes this a rich and creamy soup, and the ham is optional.

11. Italian Wedding Soup

A flavorful Italian soup with just a few ingredients and a few simple steps. The classic dish has little pork meatballs that cook in the soup along with chickpeas, spinach, and orzo.

12. Cauliflower Soup

A surprisingly hearty cauliflower soup that is a twist on the classic chowder recipe. Cauliflower replaces potatoes for a low-carb option, while still making a creamy and rich soup.

13. Black Bean Soup With Avocado, Orange, and Cucumber

A very fast and very easy bean soup that's full of fiber and protein. Plus, beans are cheap! Don't skimp on the creative toppings, and blending this soup is optional.

14. Whole Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Did you know you can make a pumpkin soup by roasting a whole pumpkin with the ingredients inside? Impress the whole dinner table with very little effort!

15. Corn Chowder

A fresh and delicious corn chowder that is a cinch to make. This inexpensive recipe can be made with frozen corn if fresh isn't available.

16. Avocado Spinach Soup

A pretty green soup that is smooth and creamy while still being healthy and light. The recipe only requires a couple of avocados, and the other ingredients are low cost. It can be served chilled or warm.

17. Tortellini Soup

A super quick soup with prepared tortellini (from the fridge section), tomato, and spinach that's sure to please even picky eaters. It makes for a nice presentation with almost no effort.

18. Goulash

A thick and flavorful beef stew that tastes great over noodles. Homemade goulash calls for affordable ground chuck and a few other ingredients, and comes together in a single pot. Be sure to scale this recipe down if you're not feeding a big group.

19. Potato Leek Soup

A classic potato leek soup that also happens to be very inexpensive. Don't forget to add fun toppings like cheese, green onions, and bacon.

20. Carrot Ginger Soup

This healthy carrot ginger soup has a light sweetness with a kick from the ginger. Just simmer the ingredients together, blend, and you have a beautiful dish that goes great with a salad or bread.

What are your favorite cheap and easy soup recipes? Share a bowl in comments!

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20 Cheap and Easy Soup Recipes (2024)
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