31 genius gender reveal ideas (2024)

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Gender reveal moments and gender reveal parties have become a massive trend. But what is a gender reveal party, and what's the best way to announce your baby's sex? Read on for all you need to know.

What is a gender reveal party?

A gender reveal party is a chance to celebrate with friends and family, whilst also letting them know the sex of your baby. It often happens soon after the 20-week scan, which is when most parents find out their baby's sex for the first time.

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There are no hard-and-fast rules for doing a gender reveal. You can just grab some food and drink, invite your nearest and dearest, and simply tell them your baby's sex when the moment feels right.

However, you may prefer an all-out extravaganza, where everyone can discover the sex in a unique way, such as with a cake that's pink or blue inside, or different coloured balloons. Read on for 30 genius gender reveal ideas.

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In some cases, the parents manage to keep the sex secret even from themselves! You could ask the sonographer at your scan to write down the sex, then pass it to a trusted friend who can arrange the party for you. There are even companies that specialise in organising gender reveal parties, so you can leave all the hard work to someone else.

Of course, you don't have to have a gender reveal party at all; it's completely up to you. But if you do decide to have one, these unusual ideas will give you plenty of inspiration.

31 genius gender reveal ideas (1)

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Updated: 3 April 2023

1. Gender reveal cake

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (2)

One of the classic ways to reveal the sex of your baby is with a delicious cake.

If you want to be surprised yourself, you could hand the baker a piece of paper with the sex of the baby written on it, without looking. They can then colour the sponge blue for a boy or pink for a girl.

It could also be done so that the icing inside is coloured rather than the sponge, or that the middle of the cake has been hollowed out and filled with blue or pink sweets.

2. Gender reveal balloons

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (3)

Popping balloons is a fun (and loud!) way to reveal the sex of your baby.

The balloon could be filled with coloured confetti to represent the sex, so when you pop it, the confetti falls out and everyone can see whether you're having a boy or a girl.

Another way of using balloons to reveal the sex is to attach lots to a wall and throwing darts at them. Only one will be filled with the coloured confetti, so you might have to throw quite a few before the sex is revealed!

You can buy gender reveal balloons here at Amazon.

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3. Gender reveal cupcakes or cakepops

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (4)

Making gender reveal cupcakes is a bit more personal than one big cake, as each guest can have their own.

The middle can be filled with blue or pink icing, so when each guest takes a bite of their cupcake at the same time, they'll find out whether you're having a son or a daughter.

Check out our cupcake recipe here.

4. Gender reveal fireworks

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (5)

This is perfect for an evening gender reveal party or as a surprise announcement.

Light up the sky with either pink or blue fireworks to symbolise the sex of your baby.

5. Gender reveal cannon

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (6)

Handheld confetti cannons filled with coloured confetti shoot out the news of your baby's sex. You can either blast the cannon to make the revelation to others, or you can have guests pull the canon and reveal the sex to you, too.

You can buy them here at Amazon.

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6. Gender reveal party poppers

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (7)

Gender reveal party poppers are like a cannon, but on a smaller scale (and with less mess to clear up afterward).

Specific party poppers are filled with streamers of just one colour to announce the news of your baby's sex. You and your guests can all pull the poppers together to see what's in store.

Get party poppers, here at Amazon.

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7. Gender reveal balloon box

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (8)

Gender reveal balloon boxes have become quite trendy – it's no surprise seeing as they look so fun!

A large box is filled with either pink or blue helium balloons, so when you open the lid of the box, the balloons fly out and reveal the sex.

8. Gender reveal piñata

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (9)

Got some pent up pregnancy hormones raging around inside of you? Let all your feelings out on a gender reveal piñata!

A piñata in any shape can be filled with coloured confetti or sweets specific to whether you're having a boy or a girl. You whack it until it breaks and the treasures inside fall out.

You can buy a piñata here at Amazon.

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9. Gender reveal cards

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (10)

Sometimes, you can't beat a classic card to send the message to everyone. This is especially ideal if you can't get together with your loved ones to celebrate.

There are loads of gender reveal cards online or try making your own, finished with a personal message in each.

We like these fun scratch-off gender reveal cards here at Amazon.

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10. Gender reveal smoke bombs

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (11)

If you love a bit of drama, gender reveal smoke bombs are a great idea.

Smoke grenades, cannons or bombs can be bought in all kinds of colours, so when you're ready to make the announcement, let the coloured smoke do the talking for you. Just be careful about whether you set these off so they don't pose a fire hazard or other danger.

Check out these smoke flares on Amazon!

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11. Gender reveal poem

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (12)

A poem is a lyrical way to do a more intimate gender revelation.

Have a crack at writing one yourself (a rhyming dictionary will be your best friend), or find one online that's ready-made.

12. Gender reveal scratch cards

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (13)

Everyone's lucky in this game of scratch cards!

Send them out in the post or have everyone scratch their cards at the same time, if you're gathered together or on a video call.

Just like with the lottery, whatever sex is on the three that match is what you're having!

13. Gender reveal T-shirts

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (14)

It's simple –you wear a blue T-shirt if you think the baby is a boy, or pink if you think it's a girl. When the announcement is made, everyone wearing the right colour T-shirt could win a prize ... or just cheer!

You can also get specific gender reveal T-shirts online that have slogans on them, like 'staches or lashes'.

14. Egg gender reveal

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (15)

Make cascarones filled with coloured confetti and break them on the ground (or on each other's heads!) to reveal what you're having.

How to make cascarones:

  • Put a small hole in the shell to remove the raw egg
  • Rinse and let the shells air-dry
  • Fill the shell with coloured confetti that matches your baby's gender
  • Seal the hole with tissue paper
  • Crack the egg and watch the revealing confetti spill out!

Another, slightly messier, version: Leave one of the eggs raw and have it painted pink if you're expecting a girl or blue for a boy. Cook the others so they're solid and paint them a mixture of blue and pink.

The game is to smash all of the eggs (against your head if you're willing!) and the colour of the raw one that smashes reveals the sex of the baby.

15. Gender reveal photoshoot

15 / 31

31 genius gender reveal ideas (16)

A gender reveal photoshoot can be styled however you like.

Use a sign surrounded by coloured props, pose with a pink or blue onesie, hold a baby girl's or boy's shoes over your bump, paint your bump a specific colour, hold balloons or blow pink or blue bubblegum.

Take a snap, then send it or share on social media. Frame a version to have a treasured memory you can keep forever.

16. Gender reveal painting

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (17)

Another way to capture a photo memory is by making painted handprints on your baby bump, in a colour representing your baby's sex.

Alterntaively, you could fill a water soakers with a particular coloured water or paint and get into a messy paint war! You and your guests will clearly see whether you're having a girl or boy.

17. Gender reveal silly string

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (18)

Silly string can also be bought in particular colours, so if you're having a gender reveal party, each guest can have a can and spray it over each other at the same time to find out.

18. Gender reveal riddle

18 / 31

31 genius gender reveal ideas (19)

Similar to the gender reveal poem, you can have a go at making up a riddle to reveal your baby's sex or just find one online.

Your loved ones will rack their brains trying to figure it out and those who crack it first will be SO smug.

19. Gender reveal fortune cookie

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (20)

Talk about good fortune!

These special gender reveal fortune cookies will feature a piece of paper revealing your baby's sex.

You can buy personalised fortune cookies here.

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20. Gender reveal hair dye

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (21)

If you're feeling adventurous, you could have someone who knows the sex of your baby dye your hair a specific colour to represent whether you're having a son or daughter.

You could opt for just the ends to be coloured, go bold with it all over or have just one layer of hair in the colour.

21. Gender reveal sparklers

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (22)

Light up the night with specific colour sparklers available to buy online and in shops, so select the right colour for your baby and light them up to make the revelation.

22. Gender reveal volcano

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (23)

Calling all science enthusiasts – this one's for you. It's also particularly good if you're breaking the news to children.

Make your own erupting volcano with a little help from some baking soda and vinegar. Use pink or blue food colouring in the experiment, so when the volcano erupts, the 'lava' will be the right colour to reveal the sex!

23. Gender reveal baby boots

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (24)

Getting baby boots for your little one is a sweet way to let others know whether they'll be a boy or a girl.

You could even give them as a gift to your partner to surprise them, or vice versa.

Lining the baby boots up with your family's shoes and sharing a photo of them is another nice way to capture the reveal.

24. Gender reveal siblings

24 / 31

31 genius gender reveal ideas (25)

Is there about to be a big brother or sister about the house?

Get your child or children to hold up a sign that says whether they're getting a little sister or brother.

25. Gender reveal paw prints

25 / 31

31 genius gender reveal ideas (26)

Pets are part of the family, after all.

Using paint that's safe for animals, your pets can add their painted paw prints to a sign to include them in the announcement.

26. Gender reveal ice cream

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (27)

If you're having a gender reveal party, it can be fun to hire an ice cream van or soft serve dispenser filled with whichever colour ice cream is representative of your baby's sex.

On a smaller scale, simply serve cute cones filled with coloured ice cream (and sprinkles!) to guests.

27. Gender reveal sweepstakes

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (28)

Another perfect party game would be to get each guest to guess the sex of the baby by writing it on a piece of paper or putting a score on a chalk board.

Whoever guessed correctly before the revelation is made could win a prize.

28. Gender reveal candyfloss

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (29)

Candyfloss is another food that can easily incorporate colour, especially blue or pink.

Serve it for your guests in the colour that's best suited for your baby. To make it into a game, 'right' could be written on the wooden stick before covering it in candyfloss of the correct colour, while 'wrong' could be written on the other stick and colour.

So, when people have finished eating their coloured candy floss, they'll know if they chose the right sex.

29. Gender reveal water fight

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (30)

Ideal for a hot day – fill blue and pink water balloons with water, coloured to represent the baby's sex. When you start playing, the bursts of colour will be clear to everyone.

If you don't have water balloons, water guns could be filled with the coloured water and squirted over each other instead.

30. Gender reveal for twins

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (31)

Having twins means double of everything, including a gender reveal!

Any of the above ideas could be adapted for two. For example, a cake could be made of two sponges, each sponge coloured according to the sex of each baby.

31. Glow-in-the-dark gender reveal

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (32)

Give your gender reveal party a real party vibe by breaking out the glow sticks or glow bracelets. Break yours to reveal the colour then hand out ones to your friends and crank the music so they can turn the whole room pink or blue.

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31 genius gender reveal ideas (2024)
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