48 Out-of-This-World Celestial Baby Names (2024)

48 Out-of-This-World Celestial Baby Names (1)

A tiny baby is, without a doubt, a true wonder of the universe. And they can certainly leave you feeling a little starry-eyed. So why not look to the heavens for some naming inspiration?

From constellations to astronomers, mythology to science, we’ve scoured this solar system and beyond for some celestial naming inspiration.

Here are 48 celestial names that are – it has to be said – out of this world.

Celestial Name inspiration

Aayan: A unique night sky name for your little man, Aayan means ‘long night’ in Persian.

Amos: The arrival of a baby alters your orbit forever, in the best way of course! So why not name your baby after a NASA satellite, like Amos?

Archer: Sagittarius, one of the constellations of the zodiac, is Latin for Archer. It’s a strong, masculine name for a tiny tike, so the ultra-cute nickname Archie may be a good place to start.

Aster: From the Greek for ‘star’, this sweet and unusual name would be a lovely choice, particularly for parents keen to look outside the top 100.

Astro:Meaning ‘of the stars,’ this name for boys is a bold choice for families that want to stand out.

Aydan: This slight tweak of spelling for the more popular Aiden means ‘from the moon’ and is Turkish in origin. We like.

Aysel: Sharing the meaning of moon with other names on the list, but with a twist. Aysel means ‘moon stream’ and we think that’s pretty neat.

Caelum: It may be the eighth-smallest constellation, but don’t let that put you off. It is diminutive in starry terms, but is sure to shine brightly as a name for your little one.

Celeste: Apretty, traditional sounding name, Celeste means ‘heavenly’. And for fans of a certain elephant, you may remember Celeste as the queen in Babar. So it has royal connections too.

Chandra: A beautiful name that’s also used as a surname, Chandra is of Sanskrit origin and simply means ‘moon.’ We like the nickname Chan, too.

Clayton: Leftover from the formation of stars and planets, comets have been dancing through our solar system for millenia. They occasionally put on a good show for us earthlings and also provide celestial baby naming inspiration, like the (Bally-)Clayton.

Cressida: One of the moons of Uranus, the much prettier sounding Cressida would be a lovely choice for your little lass.

Edwin: You can also take naming hints from those who gazed at the stars, like Edwin Hubble, who is credited with a crucial role in establishing the field of extragalactic astronomy. An astronomy superstar for sure.

Elara: Both a moon of Jupiter and one of Zeus’ lovers, Elara comes with a lofty celestial pedigree.

Estella: This name comes from old French, via Latin, and means ‘star’. Those with literary leanings will also remember that Estella is the heroine in Dickens’ classicGreat Expectations.

Esther: Another name that means ‘star’, this one is rising in the firmamentonce more as it garners celebrity attention from the likes of Ewan McGregor.

Faye: A comet within the Jupiter family – whatever that means – Faye also means ‘fairy’. We love the soft, sweet elegance of this name.

Hester: This sophisticated name is Persian in origin and means ‘star.’

Hoko: A unisex name with Hawaiian origins, Hoko means ‘night of the full moon’ and would be a strong choice for a girl or boy.

Hunter: The constellation Orion is one of the most prominent in our skies, visible around the world. It was named after Orion, a hunter in Greek mythology. We obviously like Hunter too, with 992 little Hunters born in Australia in 2014.

Inana: Sumerian in origin, this lovely name was given to the Mesopotamian goddess of love and means ‘lady of heaven’. Ina or Ana would be a fitting celestial nickname.

Isaac: Even for the not-so-science-y inclined, Sir Isaac Newton is a familiar name. A distinguished name for adarling baby boy.

Keyne:Look out, this uber-cool baby name might start climbing up the ranks in Australia. Of Celtic origin, it means ‘man of the Eastern sky’ as well as ‘wise sky warrior’, ‘learned’, ‘bold’, and ‘sharp.’

Kuuya:A Japanese name, Kuuya means ‘expanding sky’ and we love the sentiment of this one.

Leo: If your bub is busy in the womb, then Leo may be the right name for him. The fifth sign of the zodiac, a Leo is ruled by the sun and is typically a bundle of energy.

Lianna: In English, this graceful name means ‘daughter of the sun’, whereas in Hebrew it means ‘god has answered’. Whatever the meaning, it has a lovely lyrical sound.

Luna: A firm favourite of late, this popular girls’ name means moon and is loved by celebrities and us common folk the world over.

Maia: Maia sparkles in our skies as a star in the Taurus constellation. She was also one of the seven daughters of Atlas according to Greek Mythology.

Mani:Nope, this isn’t something you get at a salon, in this case, Mani is Norse for ‘moon’.

Maris: Coming in as an office favourite, Maris is Latin for ‘star of the sea,’ and makes a very swish name for a girl or even boy.

Mellan: Nope, this ain’t no fruit, cause Mellan in Irish means ‘lightning of the sky.’ The perfect name for your little firecracker.

Nash: This name takes us to the zodiac again, with Nash being the common name for the starGamma Sagittarii found in the constellation Sagittarius. Nash is a great choice for those who like short names, but would like to steer clear of more popular options, like Jack, Noah and James.

Phoenix: Another constellation in the southern sky, this one is part of the grouping known as the Southern Birds.

Riyon: Depending on how you pronounce it, Riyon could be a unique alternative spelling for Ryan. Of Indian origin it means ‘immense beauty of heaven.’

Seren: It’s a bit different, but not too hard to spell. Meaning ‘star’ this Welsh name is right up there in our books.

Sirius: Famous most recently as the godfather of a well-known young wizard with a lightning bolt scar on his head, Sirius is the brightest star in our sky. A little Sirius will certainly burn bright for you.

Sol: We end with the star at the centre of our solar system, with Sol meaning ‘sun’. The sun provides most of the energy for our lives on earth and we are sure your little Sol will inject much energy into your life as well.

Starley: This modern invented name might just be the ticket. It’s a cute take on similar sounding names like Marley and Charley and would be so sweet for a little lady.

Tarak: Meaning ‘morning star’ this boys’ name will be extra meaningful when they start waking up at 5am every day. It can also be spelled Tarek.

Vesper:Conjuring up images of city streets, this cool name means ‘evening star’ and it’s of Latin origin.

Celebrity kids with celestial names

The stars of movies, sports and the screen have looked to celestial names for years when naming their offspring, so very fitting! Let’s take a look at celebrities that have heavenly names bestowed on them:

Luna Simone Stephens: First child Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, naming their daughter Luna no doubt contributed to the spike in popularity of this lovely name.

Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum: The new addition for Paris Hilton and her husband Carter, Paris says she chose the name Phoenix many years ago. It’s also the name of Masterchef alumni’s Sarah Todd’s son.

Cosmo Jost: Born in 2021, Cosmo Jost is Scarlett Johansson and husband Colin Jost’s second child, a son.

Aleph Portman-Millepied: First child of Natalie Portman, Aleph is now 12 and has a cool name meaning ‘origin of the universe.’

Moon Unit Zappa: One of the OG weird and wonderful baby names given by celebs, Moon is now 55 and is the eldest child of Frank Zappa.

Sparrow James Midnight: Now 13, Sparrow James Midnight is of course the first child of rocker Joel Madden and Nicole Ritchie.

Starr Gordon:The beloved daughter of Brynne Edelsten, Starr is also known as Starry and we think this is such a pretty name.

Rainbow Aurora:As the daughter of Holly Madison, the name received much commentary in 2013. But now, Rainbow doesn’t seem so weird – does it?

48 Out-of-This-World Celestial Baby Names (2)

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48 Out-of-This-World Celestial Baby Names (3)

48 Out-of-This-World Celestial Baby Names (2024)
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