Baby in Bloom Shower (2024)

Baby in Bloom Shower (1)

Baby in Bloom Shower

The last few weeks have been so wonderful getting to spend more and more time outside basking in the sunshine as the weather gets warmer. Flowers are beginning to bloom and I know many parents that are expecting new babies to be here soon. This has inspired our newest collectionofpink floralBaby in Bloomdesigns featuring my all-time favourite flower, the peony!Such alovely way to celebrate a baby girl on the way. I hope you enjoy this lovely collection of blooming, garden themed ideas that willallow anyone to easily put together a beautiful baby shower.

Invitation: Set the tone for your garden themed baby shower with a beautiful Baby in Bloom invitationthat you can print and mail to your guests or send digitally via email, text or whatsapp. Include popularinsert cards asking guests to bring a book instead of a card or diapers for a diaper raffle. Both arewonderful options that the new parents will be sure to appreciate.

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Decorations:Fill tables and displays with gorgeous pink peonies, dahlias, ranunculus and other florals to create a lush floral setting. If you’re unable to go with real flowers there are some beautiful silk options (pictured below - center) available fromThe Blaith in Blair Shopwhich you can continue using long after your event. Welcome guests in style and let them know they're in the right place by displaying a large welcome sign at the entrance to your shower.

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Games and Activities:

1.Personalize and print this bundle of12 fun baby shower gamesto easily keep your guests entertained.
2.Set up aflower bar, the new “it” trend in showers since they not only provide an activity and parting gift for your guests, but all the gorgeous flowers on display make for beautiful baby shower decorations.
3.If your new mommy is expecting a baby girl, why not set up a headband making station for guests to create special one-of-a-kind headbands for the new baby. Display thisheadband signalong withyour headband accessories andthe matching made with love tags so guests can label their creations. You can orderbeautiful headband making kits (pictured below - bottom left) in a variety of different colours from Sweet Bow Markethere.

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Keepsakes and Memories:Help the parentsbegin their new journey by sending them home withadvice cardsfilled out by each guest, or abucket listof things to do and enjoy with their new baby. Ask guests to share theirfavourite family traditionsso the new parents might start their own.Not only willthese cards be appreciated by the parents, they're a great activity for your guests too!

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Food:Picnic foods are perfect for an outdoor party whether you set them up buffet style or for a more covid-friendly option pre-pack individual picnic lunches for each guest. Display a personalized menuwith your food choices or attach menus to individual picnicboxesso guests know what special treats you’ve packed for them to enjoy. Matching baby in bloom plates can be purchasedhere.

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Drinks:Mom-osa barsare always a favourite and super easy to set up. Be sure to include a variety of fruit juices and toppings along with your choice of bubbly. Keep guests hydrated by having water bottles wrapped in our pretty floralwater bottle labels. If you're serving drinks on ice consider making your ownfloral ice cubeswith edible florals.

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Dessert: Keep it easy, yet stunning by topping a simple cake with fresh floral blooms. If you prefer individual cupcakes for each guest have them iced with different floral designs.

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Party Favours: Keep your theme going by sending guests home with a lovely bouquet of flowers, a small potted plantormini succulents. Attach favour tags that invite guests to watch their plants growjust like the new baby that will behere soon.Send them home with packages of seedsthey can plant on their own, wrapped in our seed packet covers.

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Check out our entire pink Baby in Bloom collectionhere or check out our Baby in Bloom board on Pinterest for more ideas. We also have similar designs in peach and green.

Love Pinterest? Save the image below to your baby shower collectionto share with your friends.Happy party planning!

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Baby in Bloom Shower (2024)
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