Birds With Long Tail Feathers: Stunning Species and Photos (2024)

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Birds With Long Tail Feathers: Stunning Species and Photos (1)With over 10,000 species of birds worldwide, it’s no surprise that some have adapted to develop longer tail feathers for a variety of reasons.

From the graceful Superb Lyrebird to the exotic Fork-tailed Flycatcher, these stunning birds with their remarkable tails will enchant you and leave you in awe. In this article we’ll explore ten species known for their impressive appendages and reveal why they possess them in abundance.

So let us take flight on a journey through avian beauty as we discover more about these amazing creatures with long tail feathers! The stunning White-tailed Tropicbird possesses its namesake lengthy tail to assist with aerial maneuvers.

The amazing Lyrebird flaunts extravagant plumes to attract mates during courtship displays.

While the acrobatic Fork-tailed Flycatcher relies on its elongated tail feathers to swiftly change direction mid-flight when catching insects. From balancing to breeding to hunting, nature has shaped the evolution of elongated tails in birds for crucial survival advantages.

Table Of Contents

  • Key Takeaways
  • White-tailed Tropicbird
  • Superb Lyrebird
  • Common Pheasant
  • Great Argus Pheasant
  • Alexandra’s Parrot
  • White-bellied Go-Away Bird
  • Streamertail
  • Greater Racket-tailed Drongo
  • Fork-tailed Flycatcher
  • White-throated Magpie-jay
  • Conclusion

Key Takeaways

  • Bird species with long tails serve various functions such as aerial maneuverability, courtship displays, mating displays, and attracting mates.
  • Habitat loss is a major threat to bird species with long tail feathers, negatively impacting their feeding, mating, and overall survival.
  • Long tail feathers assist in flight control, mating displays, and distracting predators, showcasing the beauty, diversity, and evolution within bird species.
  • Raising awareness and implementing habitat conservation efforts are crucial in protecting bird species with long tail feathers from the threats posed by human activities.

White-tailed Tropicbird

Birds With Long Tail Feathers: Stunning Species and Photos (2)
You’ll often spot the elegant white-tailed tropicbird soaring over tropical oceans, with its incredibly long tail streaming behind. As a pelagic seabird, the white-tailed tropicbird frequents remote islands and coral atolls.

Plunging from the sky, its long central tail feathers aid its aerial acrobatics as it snatches flying fish and squid.

Courting pairs engage in a spiraling courtship flight before mating. Despite its limited breeding habitat, its global population remains in the hundreds of thousands. The two long tail streamers likely evolved via sexual selection, allowing fit males to showcase their flying finesse.

Overall, the distinctive silhouette of the white-tailed tropicbird cruising over tropical seas highlights the diversity and beauty of avian adaptations.

Superb Lyrebird

Birds With Long Tail Feathers: Stunning Species and Photos (3)
Your elegant, coppery beauty helps attract mates beyond your wildest dreams. Raising your extraordinary, 28-inch tail feathers high, you entrance prospective mates with elaborate courtship displays and unparalleled mimicry skills.

Your incredible vocal range flawlessly imitates species across the rainforest. Striking your tail feathers with each mimicry, you demonstrate fitness for motherhood.

We must spread awareness and conserve forests to protect your specialized habitat and tail feather evolution. Lyrebirds play a key role through seed dispersal and ecosystem connections. Work to preserve native eucalyptus trees and leaf litter so future generations can experience the aerodynamic artistry of your dancing tail plumes.

Although courtship drives tail length, studies show even trimmed lyrebirds retain flight control, proving streamlined design. Our enlightened conservation efforts will ensure magnificent lyrebirds continue bewitching mates with their spellbinding tail feathers for ages to come.

Common Pheasant

Birds With Long Tail Feathers: Stunning Species and Photos (4)
Met in North America, this coppery-plumed bird flaunts a grand 20-inch tail. Majestic and colorful, the common pheasant exhibits an array of plumage hues, from coppery chestnut body feathers to iridescent green and purple iridescence on the head and neck.

Their long tail assists during courtship displays and signals fitness to potential mates.

  1. Courtship displays involve tail fanning, bodily shaking, and aggressive charging.
  2. The male’s 20-inch tail accounts for over 60% of its body length.
  3. Pheasant tail feathers may reach 30 inches during seasonal growth.

Protection efforts involve habitat restoration and reduced pesticide use. Education on sustainable agricultural practices that support, rather than decimate, pheasant populations remains key for conservation.

Great Argus Pheasant

Birds With Long Tail Feathers: Stunning Species and Photos (5)
Great Argus pheasants accentuate their 79-inch, eye-dotted wing plumes. They’re vulnerable to loss of habitat. You thrill spying these pheasants strutting through the forest, fanning their massive, eye-patterned plumes during elaborate courtship dances.

However, habitat destruction increasingly threatens these shy birds. Support efforts to conserve tropical forests to protect the Argus’s home. When trekking through Southeast Asia, tread lightly and avoid disturbing potential nesting sites.

Promote sustainable land use so magnificent birds like the Argus, with feathers rivaling the marvelous spatuletail hummingbird, can continue displaying their dramatic plumes for generations to come.

We must act now to ensure these regal birds don’t fade into the pages of history like the long extinct ribbon-tailed astrapia. There’s still time to take conservation action so future birdwatchers can gasp at the Great Argus’s captivating feathers.

Alexandra’s Parrot

Birds With Long Tail Feathers: Stunning Species and Photos (6)
You’ll cherish thirty years with alluring Alexandra’s Parrot, alive against Australia’s arid atmosphere. Her plumage paints a palette of pink, blue and green, a masterpiece of feathers.

During courtship season, pairs preen and dance, bonding for their long lives together.

You can help ensure decades more of their beauty. Limit land clearing and plant native species. Reduce pesticides that poison parrots. Support groups conserving endangered parrots like the scarlet macaw.

With hands extended in guardianship, we safeguard the brilliant birds around us. Alexandra’s Parrot lifespan mirrors our own – together we must act so neither prematurely perish.

White-bellied Go-Away Bird

Birds With Long Tail Feathers: Stunning Species and Photos (7)
You’re in for a treat when spotting the White-bellied Go-Away Bird’s wispy black and gray tail in East Africa!

As a birdwatcher in East Africa, these gregarious birds may catch your eye with a flick of their long, graduated tail. The black and white banding acts as a constant reminder to watch where you step near their nesting colonies.

Though widespread, habitat loss threatens their skittish feeding behaviors. Support groups conserving intact savanna to preserve the variation of this species’ plumage. Promote protections for East African birds bearing phenomenal plumes before they’re gone for good.

When this boisterous bird signals it’s time to go, heed the call and walk gently through its home.


Birds With Long Tail Feathers: Stunning Species and Photos (8)
You’ve gotta see the Jamaican streamertail’s long, twirling tail feathers in flight. The red and black-billed species of this hummingbird lives on the tropical island. Their forked tails evolved for extreme aerial agility and to impress potential mates.

During dizzying courtship displays, the male streamertail whirls its tail feathers, making buzzing noises. Compared to body size, the streamertail has some of the longest tail feathers in the avian world, often exceeding five inches.

Protecting their mountain rainforest habitat and nectar flowers is key to preserving these stunners. While a marvel to observe up close, give them adequate space and take care not to disturb nests. Support efforts to monitor populations and breeding success. We’re lucky the streamertail still flourishes, putting on dazzling performances.

Greater Racket-tailed Drongo

Birds With Long Tail Feathers: Stunning Species and Photos (9)
With that collapsible crest and twirling racket feathers, ya’ve seen the Greater Racket-tailed Drongo put on quite a show. Perched high in the canopy of deciduous forests across southern Asia, this clever mimic with its long, forked tail is a sight to behold.

Whether defending its territory with raucous alarm calls or performing aerial acrobatics during extravagant mating rituals, this agile flier knows how to captivate an audience.

Sadly, deforestation has led to habitat loss, so conservation efforts are needed to protect these charismatic birds.

Through education and habitat restoration, we can ensure future generations get to marvel at the Greater Racket-tailed Drongo’s dazzling plumage and behaviors.

Now isn’t that just a treat for any birder’s life list? With a range spanning the Indian subcontinent, you never know where this avian spectacle might turn up next!

Fork-tailed Flycatcher

Birds With Long Tail Feathers: Stunning Species and Photos (10)
My friend, ain’t you mesmerized by that forked tail flutterin’ through the South American skies? These acrobatic flycatchers glide and dive from Mexico to Argentina. Their 16-inch forked tail streamers function like rudders. Males compete for branch perches, displaying their tail and bright plumage during courtship.

Long-tailed birds evolved flashy rectrices and long tail coverts for remarkable aerial flight control, mating displays, and perhaps predator distraction.

Thankfully, habitat conservation protects many areas these flycatchers nest in. Enjoy observing their twirlin’ and soaring; support efforts to preserve wetlands and woodlands for the next generation. Bird tail feathers fascinate us with their beauty, diversity and evolution. Yet human activity threatens these amazing creatures.

We must spread awareness, foster habitat and act as allies of the winged wildlife we love.

White-throated Magpie-jay

Birds With Long Tail Feathers: Stunning Species and Photos (11)
The fork-tailed flycatcher’s extravagant tail helps it maneuver deftly while hunting insects on the wing. Now turn your sights north to admire the white-throated magpie-jay. You’ll delight in this long-tailed Mexican enchanter with its lustrous steel blue plumage and raspy vocalizations.

Watch closely and you may spot regional variations, from solid blue-and-white in the northwest to blue-and-black farther south.

Sadly, habitat loss has led to a declining population trend for this gregarious bird.

And should you be fortunate to encounter a charming family party of magpie-jays, cherish the moment.


Birds with Long Tail Feathers

Some of the world’s most stunning birds boast long tail feathers, from the White-tailed Tropicbird to the White-throated Magpie-jay. Each species is unique, with tail feathers that range in size and hue, from the subtle white band on the Go-Away Bird to the magnificent, multi-colored plumage of the Superb Lyrebird.

These birds not only bring a splash of color to the natural world, but their long tail feathers also help ensure their survival through sexual selection and improved flight agility.

To ensure these birds remain a part of our ecosystem for generations, we must take steps to protect them, from voting against harmful practices like pesticide use to making our properties bird-friendly.

To witness their beauty for ourselves, we can look to the skies and be inspired by the true wonders of long-tailed birds.

Birds With Long Tail Feathers: Stunning Species and Photos (2024)
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