Bounty and Honor System (2024)

Blox Fruits has a leaderboard called the Bounty/Honor system. It is frequently utilized to encourage rivalry among the player base, with Bounty/Honor awards offering PvP damage/defense bonuses every 500,000 bounty/honor. However, if a player's Bounty/Honor is between 20M and 30M, they will no longer receive PvP damage/defense boosts. Furthermore, if a player gets 5M Bounty/Honor, they will only gain in 1M bounty/honor increments and after that they will lose more bounty when they die in PvP or if they combat log.

Pirates utilize Bounty to judge their worth, but Marines use Honor to gauge their respect. On both sides, each player starts at zero and must work their way up. A player's maximum amount of Bounty/Honor is 30,000,000 (30 million) It is crucial to remember that Bounty and Honor are distinct, and the player's Marine save will have different Honor values than the Bounty of the player's Pirate save.

It should be noted that the higher a player's Bounty/Honor, the more they will lose if they die. For example, if you kill a player with 2.5M - 3.99M Bounty/Honor, the bounty that you earn is the same as the bounty that they lose. For 4M+, they will lose double the Bounty/Honor you get from them .The most Bounty/Honor that can be lost is 37,500, while the most that can be gained is 17,850. Defeating an admin awards 50,000 Bounty/Honor.

A max level (2550) player can only gain bounty from another player if their level difference is less than 25% lower or higher than their level. For example, if a player is level 2550, they can only gain bounty from players level 1913+. This means that a player at level 2040 will have the widest possible range of levels that they can kill to get bounty (1530-2550)

It is possible for admins to set their Bounty/Honor higher than 30M, which is why some players have higher Bounty/Honor on the leaderboard. This is done using the admin-exclusive command "/b (amount)." For more information, see the Commands page.


  • 1 Basic information
  • 3 Titles
  • 4 Marine Ranks
  • 5 Suspicious kills

Basic information

  • Bounty/Honor can be earned by killing basic enemies, capping out at 250,000. Players cannot gain bounty from basic enemies when they already have more than 250,000 Bounty/Honor. Players can only continue earning Bounty/Honor by killing Bosses or killing other players around the same level as the player. If a player dies from a level 1400 NPC they lose 1400 Bounty/Honor.
    • If a player dies from an NPC, they will lose Bounty/Honor equivalent to the enemies' level.
  • Bounty/Honor can also be earned by killing Bosses. Players gain a Bounty/Honor equivalent to exactly 25 times the Boss's level. However, players cannot gain bounty from bosses when they already have more than 2,500,000 (2.5 million) Bounty/Honor.
  • Lastly, Bounty/Honor can also be earned by killing other players around the same level as the player. This is the only way to obtain a higher Bounty/Honor score than 2.5 million.
    • If a player gets killed by another player, they will lose Bounty/Honor depending on how much they have, and the other player will earn Bounty/Honor depending on how much the other player lost.
    • If a player has less than 2.5 million Bounty/Honor, they are unable to lose any Bounty/Honor in PvP.
    • If you kill a player with 2.5 million Bounty/Honor, you will usually get 10,700 - 10,900 bounty. You can only earn 8,575 bounty if the player is lower than 2.49 million Bounty/Honor.
    • If a player with 2.49M or lower Bounty/Honor killed you, they can only earn 8,925 - 17,850 bounty depending on your bounty.
Bounty and Honor System (1)

While a player is combat tagged, a message appears on the bottom of their screen indicating that they are in combat (as seen on the right). If the player has 2.5 million bounty or more, a message saying "Bounty/Honor at risk!" will also appear, indicating that they can lose bounty or honor if they are killed or if they leave the game.

If the player leaves the game with Combat still logged, the next time you join back It will say: You combat logged the last time you played, your bounty/honor has been penalized.

However, there is another combat tag that doesn't penalize your bounty/honor when you server hop/leave and rejoin, as shown here:

Bounty and Honor System (2)
  • If a player has between 5 million to 14.99 million Bounty/Honor, a red message saying:

    "BEWARE! (player's username) has joined the server!"

    will appear in the chat whenever they join the game.

  • If a player has between 15 million to 30 million Bounty/Honor, a red message saying:

    "A GOD HAS ARRIVED! (player's username) has joined the server!"

    will appear in the chat whenever they join the game.

There is also a "3/3" system in the game, which means that players cannot earn Bounty/Honor from each other more than three times every 72 hours.

  • Example: If the player kills someone else two times, and they kill the player once, they have to wait 72 hours (3 days) before gaining Bounty/Honor from each other again. (This is in the game to make players not just grind bounty on their friends or other accounts)

PvP Buffs & Rewards

Another system in place regarding Bounty/Honor is the PvP buff system. Every 500,000 points the player gains on Bounty/Honor, they will be awarded certain buffs against other players (NOT NPCs). There is no consistent buff amount, and it varies with each level.

Note*: When a player reaches 5,000,000 (5 million) bounty/honor, they will stop receiving buffs every 500,000 (500k) bounty/honor, instead receiving a buff every 1,000,000 (1 million) bounty/honor that they gain. So, the next bounty/honor buff after 5,000,000 (5 million) bounty/honor is 6,000,000 (6 million), and not 5,500,000 (5.5 million).

The last bounty/honor buff is awarded at 20,000,000 (20 million) bounty/honor.

The player can check how much their current boost is by talking to the Bounty/Honor Expert NPC, the table of every documented boost can be found here.

To balance out the duration of PvP battles, players gain more defense than damage from these boosts.At 10 million Bounty/Honor, the player will also automatically be awarded the Summon Sea Beast item, allowing them to summon a Sea Beast whenever they like. Note: Summon Sea Beast will not give any drops or credits. It can charge up Race Awakening (v4) though.


Players can also earn Titles by reaching certain amounts of Bounty/Honor:

  • Reaching 5 million Bounty/Honor will award the player two titles: the "Pirate Hunter" and "Bounty Hunter" titles, both colored white.
  • Reaching 10 million Bounty will award the player the "Warlord of the Sea" title #021, colored with a slightly dark red.
  • Reaching 20 million Bounty will award the player two titles: the "Emperor of the Sea" and the "Empress of the Sea" titles #022 and #023 respectively, both colored with the same slightly dark red.
  • Reaching 10 million Honor will award the player the "Admiral" title #024, colored with blue.
  • Reaching 20 million Honor will award the player the "Fleet Admiral" title #025, colored with a darker blue.

Note: Your Titles will not be removed if you lose your Bounty/Honor.

Marine Ranks

Certain "ranks" (displayed above the player's name) can be earned as a Marine. They depend entirely on the amount of Honor the player has and are dynamic.

HonorRank nameHonorRank name
1Seaman Recruit1MLieutenant Commander
1KSeaman Apprentice2MCommander
5KSeaman First Class3MCaptain
15KPetty Officer4MCommodore
30KChief Petty Officer5MRear Admiral
50KMaster Chief Petty Officer7.5MVice Admiral
200KLieutenant Junior Grade20MFleet Admiral
500KLieutenant30MLegendary Fleet Admiral

Suspicious kills

The final PvP system is in place to prevent exploiters who automatically kill players. If a player kills someone else using a specific criterion of hits (usually consisting entirely or almost entirely of M1 hits or just using melee attacks), they will not gain Bounty/Honor from the kill. However, this system can sometimes falsely detect suspicious kills (usually working with Buddha users as they mostly use M1 to damage the opponent, though there are occasions where other fruit users still trigger a suspicious kill).

Bounty and Honor System (2024)


What does a 30 million bounty do in blox fruits? ›

However, if a player's Bounty/Honor is between 20M and 30M, they will no longer receive PvP damage/defense boosts. Furthermore, if a player gets 5M Bounty/Honor, they will only gain in 1M bounty/honor increments and after that they will lose more bounty when they die in PvP or if they combat log.

How to get more than 2.5 million bounty in blox fruits? ›

how to get above 2.5 mil. bounty? @ShowTime24 In order to go past 2.5M, you must become a menace of society and bounty hunt or pvp other players. @ShowTime24 To surpass the mortal limit you must kill them, eliminate them, and take their life away before their eyes.

What's the highest bounty you can get in blox fruits? ›

Lastly, 20M is the final bounty/honor boost, reaching 30M does not affect the player's boosts past this point. Bounty/Honor boosts do not work on NPCs and serve purely as an aid in PvP.

Who has the highest bounty in the world? ›

Which was the biggest bounty ever issued on a wanted person in known history? $25 million has been offered for Ayman al-Zawahiri. Though it is really impossible to compare with historical bounties as it is simply not a question of working out inflation.

How to get 250k in blox fruits? ›

To start, get enough levels and have a decent fruit and go to the Swan Pirate area. If you have a good fruit/ awakened good fruit, you can try your luck on farming sea beasts for Money. (Sea beasts will give around 80~180k) with double money it gets to around a quarter of a million to a third of a million (250k~333k).

What code in blox fruit 2024? ›

All Active Blox Fruits Codes (May 2024)
CodeReward(s)Date Added
TRIPLEABUSE20 minutes of 2x Experience (NEW)April 2024
SEATROLLING20 minutes of 2x ExperienceApril 2024
24NOADMIN20 minutes of 2x ExperienceMarch 2024
REWARDFUN20 minutes of x ExperienceFebruary 2024
25 more rows
5 days ago

How to get God human? ›

To get God Human in Blox Fruits, you'll need 400 mastery in Dragon Talon, Superhuman, Death Step, Electic Claw, and Sharkman Karate. Gather your materials. You'll need the following materials: 20 Fish Tails, 20 Magma Ore, 10 Dragon Scales, and 10 Mystic Droplets, as well as $5,000,000 and 5,000 fragments.

How much bounty does rip_Indra give? ›

While rip_Indra is spawned, the "Castle on the Sea" will be temporarily renamed to "Battle of the Gods" and the theme will change to Lizard Bandit Clan, which was composed by @DTF. rip_Indra is the Boss that rewards the highest Bounty/Honor in game upon defeat, being 125,000.

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