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I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I have a bit of a sweet tooth. And there are times when I just have a desire to eat something that has absolutely no nutritional value, but it just tastes amazingly good.

And trust me, this frozen Butterfinger Pie falls into that category. I mean, really, who doesn’t love Butterfingers?!?! And whoever decided to put it into a pie is a flippin’ genius.

Unfortunately, like all things that are amazingly good but have no nutritional value, it’s murder on my Points. So, if I wanted to stay on track with my points range, I had to make a lower calorie version of this popular and simple dessert.

Over at Aimee’s Adventures, I found this delicious Butterfinger Pie recipe! It’s perfect to start with, and all I had to do was make it a little more diet friendly while keeping that fabulous taste.

A number of the Butterfinger Pie recipes have a regular cool whip and cream cheese. You beat the softened cream cheese and then fold in the cool whip. This not only gives it a richer, creamier flavor – kind of like ice cream – but it helps to give it a little more structure too.

I wanted to keep it light, so I stuck with just fat free cool whip. However, freezing the pie is the perfect way to get it firm without adding in the calories of cream cheese. You will need to freeze this pie for at least 4 hours.

However, if you have time, I’d recommend freezing it for at least 12 hours, preferably 24. While that’s not always possible (who wants to wait a whole 24 hours before eating this amazing concoction?), it helps to keep the cool whip solid. That makes it easier to serve and eat.

One of the other things that I did to keep this recipe light was to skip the traditional graham cracker crust. Graham cracker crusts are easy to make and if I’m in a hurry, those pre-made ones in the baking section are just perfect.

The downside of the graham cracker crust is that to get the crumbs to stick together, you have to use quite a bit of butter. That really adds to the calories, fat, and points in a recipe. I stuck with just low-fat graham crackers to layer into the bottom. They give you a good crust, but without the added calories.

A little bit of crushed Butterfinger candy bar gives you the delicious Butterfinger flavor and adds a little crunch to the pie. I like to reserve some of my crushed Butterfinger to sprinkle on top.

It makes it look very classy that way, and like you’ve put lots of time and effort into this thoughtful and delicious dessert. Just don’t tell anyone how easy it is!

To top it off, you just need light chocolate syrup and sugar free caramel sundae syrup. You can artfully drizzle one syrup in one direction diagonally across and then the other can be drizzled across the other direction.

The syrup just adds that little extra Butterfinger flavor and makes it look even more beautiful.

It’s a great dessert idea for anyone with a SERIOUS sweet tooth (and Butterfinger craving) who still wants to keep within their points budget.

Butterfinger Pie Recipe | LaaLoosh (1)

A decadent dessert that doesn't hold back! Creamy, sweet, and rich, this heavenly pie is the perfect low calorie dessert recipe to indulge in.

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Prep Time 10 minutes mins

Freeze time 4 hours hrs

Total Time 10 minutes mins


  • 4 low fat graham cracker sheets - (4 crackers per sheet)
  • 1 tub Fat Free Cool Whip - (8 oz)
  • 1 Butterfinger Candy Bar crushed
  • 3 tbsp Hershey’s Light Chocolate Syrup
  • 3 tbsp Smucker’s Sugar Free Caramel Sundae Syrup


  • Very lightly spray an 8 x8” glass dish or pan with butter flavored non-fat cooking spray.

  • Line the bottom with the graham cracker sheets into the bottom.

  • Mix together the whipped topping with half of the crushed Butterfinger. Spread the cool whip mixture over the graham crackers.

  • Drizzle both the chocolate syrup and caramel syrup on top of the whipped topping.

  • Sprinkle the remaining half of the Butterfinger on top.

  • Freeze for at least 4 hours. Cut into 8 equally sized pieces.


Entire recipe makes 8 servings

Serving size is 1 piece


Calories: 194 kcal (10%)Carbohydrates: 41.4 g (14%)Protein: 1.6 g (3%)Fat: 2.2 g (3%)Saturated Fat: 0.8 g (5%)Cholesterol: 0 mgSodium: 183 mg (8%)Potassium: 0 mgFiber: 0.4 g (2%)Sugar: 14.8 g (16%)Calcium: 0 mgIron: 0 mg

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Butterfinger Pie Recipe | LaaLoosh (2024)
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