Coconut Red Curry With Tofu Recipe (2024)

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I dried the tofu by sandwiching between cutting boards and paper towels with a weight on top. Then coated in olive oil and spices. Baked at 400 for 30 minutes while turning / stirring once in the middle. This makes a firmer tofu cube and allows it stay conisistent while reheating.


This was excellent. I am vegetarian and we substituted 1 tsp of soy sauce + 1 tsp of warm water for the fish sauce. We also used a little extra coconut milk, thinned with water, to increase the volume of the sauce. I suggest doing a careful mis en place with this dish -- chop and have all ingredients ready in small bowls by the pan -- because it goes fast once you get started.


CAUTION--apparently all red curry pastes are not the same. I made this and added the 3 T red curry paste as called for. It was super hot--my advice--try adding 1T at a time to get it to the level you want. Will try again as I think it would be delicious with the right level of spiciness.


I strongly recommend making curry the first time without the hot peppers, as a lot of curry paste is already quite spicy, and consider using half a lime if yours are large. Finish with some thai basil leaves for an added bit of flavor.

Also- don't sniff the fish sauce. God, what was I thinking? Of course it smells 'off'.


You can skip pressing the tofu if you cut it into the size you want, place it in a glass or ceramic baking dish, and microwave it for 5 minutes. Pour off the liquid from the bottom of the dish. Repeat until there is no more liquid.


No matter the recipe, when it comes to tofu, I always fry the pressed cubes until browned before incorporating them into the dish. They are crispy, more flavorful and have a better texture than simply using the plain cubes.


This was a perfectly delicious dish! I sauteed the mushrooms first cuz I like them a little golden; also I had to use white and sh*takes. Also, I doubled the coconut milk cuz I like lots of sauce. The lime juice and zest - essential!, it added such a clear note of flavor. It was the best use I have ever made of cilantro, which I love. The dish looked beautiful, colorful and bright, and the flavors - all could be tasted, nothing was muddied, all in harmony.

Rita Childs

I cut the tofu into small pieces, dust it with cornstarch, and saute it until crisp and golden brown before adding it. The texture and flavor is great and the cornstarch thickens the sauce just enough. It's great!


I used this as a base recipe for sauce proportions for a chicken curry I made in a pressure cooker. I followed everything in Step 2 until adding in the tofu and snow peas, when I added a cup of water along with 2 lbs of frozen chicken breasts, then cooked it at high pressure for 10 minutes.

It is, by far, the best curry dish I've ever made. The fish sauce added depth and the lime juice and zest added brightness.

I cannot wait to make it again.


I use chickpeas instead of mushrooms and make this at least once a month!!!!

Lee Norris

I found readers' suggestions about half a lime, 1 T of curry paste to start, thinly sliced red peppers, and a whole can of coconut milk right on target. But I was surprised that no one mentioned having to thicken the sauce. Maybe it's because I use reduced fat coconut milk, but when I made this dish it did not thicken until I added a couple of teaspoons of cornstarch, dissolved, of course, in a little water. Then it was perfect. Can't wait to try this with chicken of fish.


For the other vegetarians who might see this - in place of the fish sauce, try using tamarind pulp/paste mixed with soy sauce.


Very good recipe. I followed others advice and started with 1 tbs of the paste and added more to taste. I also skipped the peppers and added thinly sliced red peppers and onion with the mushrooms to create a one pot meal. Served with rice noodles. Definitely will make again.


I used all 3 Tb of curry and the pepper. It really was perfect for us. Beautiful dish and quite delicious.


Coriander and cilantro are the same plant.


Used asparagus & red bell pepper in place of the mushrooms/snow peas. Also didn’t have shallot or Thai chilies, so omitted those. Cut tofu into cubes, coated with toasted sesame oil, and baked at 400F for 20 minutes, which allowed perfect time to steam rice and do other prep & sautéing so that the full timing of this recipe worked out perfectly. Definitely a keeper!


Tasty, though I wished I had heeded some of the comments about spiciness. I did think 3 T's of curry paste + the pepper was a lot. And I'm someone who likes heat but this level detracted from the dish. Next time, I'll put in less curry paste and maybe even add some chicken stock to the dish.

Jonice Webb

Make sure you taste this after you add the lime juice! I tasted before and it was delicious. Added the lime and served and it tasted like straight lime juice on rice! So after we ate I added an extra teaspoon of fish sauce to the remaining tofu mixture and it came back into balance again. I think a tablespoon of lime juice would have been plenty, not the whole lime.

Roberta F

This is a very good base recipe that can be tweaked easily. I like my curries brothier, so I added extra curry paste & coconut milk, plus a chopped green bell pepper with the mushrooms & a handful of broccoli right at the end. Delicious!


This is SUPER fast to make and very flavorful! I used oyster mushrooms and green beans since I couldn't find snow peas. Left out fish sauce to make vegan and was absolutely delicious.


- double the sauce - swapped for broccoli zucchini and snap peas but would be good w any veg


This just didn't do it for me. First off, I mistakenly threw in a whole can of coconut milk rather than the called for 1 cup, so maybe that was the issue. I also found the tofu chunks too large, I would do smaller 1/2" cubes next time. I would also go with regular coconut milk next time over the unsweetened. I've made other coconut curries w/ regular coconut milk and all those recipes had much better flavor than this one. But I don't know that I'll be making this one again.


Use 3 TBS curry paste - not too hot. Lower fat coconut milk works


This was very tasty as well as quick & easy to make. Followed as instructed except as per some commenters, I only used one serrano to reduce the heat factor. The lime zest & juice were a good addition. Next time I may try the suggestion to dust in cornstarch & saute until crispy. Will adapt this recipe at some point, for chicken.


Fellow Home Chefs - Beware! This is spicy! Cut down the tbsps of spice. My husband, who is typically great with most foods, dipped a spoon in this and then his tongue on the spoon. He looked at me, turned around, and then cooked himself another meal. He offered me his food, but I chose to hold strong and attempt to conquer my spicy concoction. I stopped half way through and am now 1.25 ice cream cookie sandwiches in to soothing my burned ego and cooling my tastebuds.


Not sure why this got 5 stars. My family loves curry and this was our least favorite curry recipe of all time. Just mentioning in case anyone else feels social pressure or cognitive dissonance looking at all those glowing reviews. You are not alone.


This was delicious but way too spicy for my palette. Next time I would omit the chile pepper and buy an extra can of coconut milk. Be careful not to shake the coconut milk can even remotely so that you can separate the cream (I just used the cream for the most part). Best tip for tofu - freeze the whole block before hand and then let it thaw. It’s much more spongy and firm that way without cooking/frying it for long periods of time. Perfect consistency for this dish.


This has become a regular rotation meal. Easy, super tasty and very forgiving of you don't have a particular item on hand. Didn't have mushrooms bit did have butternut squash, subbed beautifully. No fresh ginger, Ginger Peoples' grated ginger works just fine. Taste the curry paste you are using g, some are spicier than others, the.addwd pepper may not be necessary. A fabulous recipe worthy of sharing.


Substitute tamari for the fish sauce to make the meal vegetarian. This recipe made 2 large servings. I added more snow peas and more red curry paste (closer to 4TBSP than 3). Next time try added some raw cashews!


This was waaaaaay too spicy for me. I like a little bit of kick, but even using only half the amount of spice in the recipe, it was screamingly hot. Cut back on the curry paste or proceed at your own peril!

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Coconut Red Curry With Tofu Recipe (2024)
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