Cute Office Scavenger Hunt List - A Fun Office Party Game at Work! (2024)

Want a super fun office party game for your next event? Try this printable office scavenger hunt for the workplace. This game for work is a great icebreaker game and team-building activity. Turn this hunt into an office-wide competition. Let the games begin!

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Perhaps the word epic and office party aren’t usually attached. I mean, for a party to be epic it requires fun decor, good food, laughter, and good conversations. That isn’t always accomplished especially with hanging out with a crowd you might not choose socially. That being said, it is possible to pull off an epic office party with a little bit of planning. This office party treasure hunt creates a bit of friendly competition, turning a dull office event into a good office party.

Let’s take a look at how to pull off an epic office party that everyone will enjoy.

What are good Office Party ideas?

To quickly boost company culture, come together with a fun office party idea. There are many of creative ideas for office parties including office Olympics, murder mysteries escape rooms, amazing races, and themed parties. No matter what you choose, there is one thing they all should have in common.

The best office party ideas include…

  • A fun theme
  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • Awards and rewards
  • Adult beverages
  • Activities

One item hat brings forth fun prizes, great entertainment, and a fun theme is an office scavenger hunt. Let’s look at the 5 w’s of workplace treasure hunts nad how to create one epic party game that everyone is talking about for a long time.

Work Scavenger Hunt

In order to create a good scavenger hunt for the workplace, it’s important to address the who, what, when, where, and why. Answering the five Ws gives you direction and purpose for hosting a team building scavenger hunt. Once you have a purpose, the rest can fall into place.

Who can participate in scavenger hunts?

While this is meant to be an office scavenger hunt for adults, the truth is it’s easy-peasy. Even kids could do it. That being said, focusing on the purpose of the scavenger hunt (icebreakers, team-building, office party entertainment) gives you the proper audience. This scavenger hunt for the workplace is intended for many people.

Adult players can include:

  • The boss
  • HR
  • Team leaders
  • Team members
  • Coworkers
  • New employees
  • Office divisions
  • Workgroups
  • Administrative assistants
  • Custodial crew
  • Interns

Since an adult scavenger hunt brings people together, decide what team or group of people need a pick-me-up, team bonding, or deeper connections.

When to have an office scavenger hunt

The whens can include any time of the year. In fact, the more spontaneous, the more appreciated. Removing the traditional workday and playing fun games gives everyone a breath of fresh air.

Try this work scavenger hunt for the following “whens”:

  • Team-Building Event
  • New Location Change
  • Milestone Celebrations & Anniversaries
  • New Management Introduction
  • Office Training
  • Family Events
  • Employee Orientation
  • Holiday Party
  • End of the Year Accomplishments
  • New Employee Onboarding
  • Birthday Parties for Boss or Employees
  • No Reason


Have this hunt in a small place like the cloffice or (even better) a huge place like the entire office building. For most people, this office scavenger hunt will take place in the office. If having this office treasure hunt at a venue or event location, then you might have to stage office items (like do you really have a highlighter at the office Christmas party?) You can display items around the venue or you can use the editable office scavenger hunt template to add your own ideas that fit your party theme.

Why have an office scavenger hunt?

Now to the why have a scavenger hunt? I bet you could give me a billion reasons of why this office worksheet would be a perfect fit for your company event. However, if you need a few ideas, we have them.

  • Boost Employee Engagement
  • Create Employee Morale
  • Build Team Bonding
  • Build Company Culture
  • Improve Communication
  • Enhance Team Problem-Solving Skills
  • Break the Ice with Random People
  • Get out of your comfort zones

Scavenger Hunt Rules

Once you understand the 5 Ws for the reason for your event, you can focus on the rules.

Types of work scavenger hunt…

  • Individuals vs Indivudals – It’s every man/woman for themselves
  • Teams vs Teams – Divide your colleagues into smaller teams.
  • Team vs Clock – Stay Focused on Interaction Within the Team

Once you have established teams or individuals, you can focus on the time limit, how will items be collected, and team meeting points.

Time: Set time. Can this be done with 30 minutes of activity? Have all players start at the same spot and end at the same spot. Dock points for teams that arrive late to the finishing spot.

Items: How will evidence be collected? Are photos enough evidence or do the items need to be collected? Or do both as snapping photos as evidence creates some great photos for the employee bulletin boards.

Checkpoints: As a scavenger hunt option, you can require checkpoints at certain times for a general idea of how players are doing or to capture the fun with videos.

It’s important the scavenger hunt host has these Scavenger hunt rules established ahead. Then once everyone is ready to play, go over all the scavenger hunt directions before the amazing race begins.

Office Scavenger Hunt List

Planning an office scavenger hunt doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be as easy as pressing the printer button (unless you have one of those large industrial printers that always get jammed and the repair company has to be called.)

This scavenger hunt list for the office includes…

  • Ream of paper
  • A Starbucks Cup
  • Leftover food
  • Read plant
  • 3 different colored rubber bands
  • Fax cover sheet
  • Orange highlighter
  • Stress-free relief toy
  • Pink paper clip
  • Roll of toilet paper
  • Anything with a cat on it

If you don’t like the ideas on this list of items, don’t worry – there are plenty of fun scavenger hunt list ideas you can add.

How to personalize a workplace scavenger hunt

The best thing about this work scavenger hunt is this is an editable PDF. That means you can add your own clue ideas. By adding your own scavenger hunt ideas, you will create inside jokes and office humor. Add fun ideas like “John’s red stapler” or “Sarah’s unicorn tape dispenser.” With each of these office items, there is only one. That means when you make this a team vs team scavenger hunt, only one team will come back with the item causing different results and different scores.

In addition to fun-specific items that fit individuals, you might be hosting a workplace icebreaker for new employees. In this case, add items to your list that include company history, missions, and values. Have new coworkers hunt for a sign or plaque that lists the company’s mission and values. Don’t forget the company’s history like who founded the company, grab his business card. Or when did the company begin?

Get creative with your ideas like…

  • Find a penny with the company start year
  • Find a picture of Paul’s cat
  • Get the owner’s business card
  • Find a copy of the company’s mission statement
  • Grab Millie’s slippers (hint: they are under her desk!)

How can you make this list of scavenger hunt ideas perfect for your office?

Office Party Scavenger Hunt Prizes

When it comes to workplace scavenger hunt rewards, there are two options. For party prizes, presents, and gifts for the winners of an office party hunt, you can use both tangible rewards and intangible rewards.

Intangible rewards have no monetary value. They can be as simple as declaring a team “the winner” or giving a verbal “thank you” or the day off. The other idea is tangible prizes. These are things you can physically touch like a cash bonus or gift certificate.

While the winners will mostly appreciate the prize of leaderboard bragging rights, there are plenty of fun ideas for prizes for an office party scavenger hunt. The more tangible the gift, the great the stakes and the more likely your participants will get into the game. These items will bring a feeling of appreciation.

See what’s in the budget and come up with some great ideas for tangible rewards that motivate your employees.

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Scavenger hunt prizes can include…

  • Travel vouchers
  • Trophies
  • Wine bottles
  • Small liquor bottles
  • Lottery tickets
  • Gas cards
  • Fun office supplies
  • Lunch
  • Restaurant certificates
  • Spa vouchers
  • Movie tickets
  • Memberships
  • Gift cards

Now that we know how to put on an epic office scavenger hunt, grab the printable scavenger hunt for the office and go ahead and make it your own! Let the amazing race begin.

Office Scavenger Hunt Printable

What you get with purchase:

  • Office Scavenger Hunt Digital Download PDF
  • Blank Office Scavenger Hunt Template Digital Download PDF (editable)

This is an editable PDF document so you can add your own workplace scavenger hunt ideas to the list. Make this document by personalizing the ideas to your staff. Add things like “Joe’s favorite coffee mug” or “Meg’s blue cardigan.” If you make some of the list singular, personalized items, only one team can get the item meaning the score on the scavenger hunt will not be the same for each time allowing one true winner and prize.

Get the Office Scavenger Hunt Printable Set

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Types of Office Scavenger Hunts

Was this team-building scavenger hunt not a fit for your employees? Or have you already done and need more fun ideas? There are plenty of other ways to build employee morale. Try some of these other Adult Scavenger Hunt Ideas for the office.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Say Cheese! This Selfie Scavenger Hunt is one that everyone will love. If you don’t have camera-shy coworkers, try this photo scavenger hunt pdf and see who has the best selfie skills. This is a fantastic way to have everyone laughing, posing, and talking, potentially their wackiest and silliest group selfies yet! Pin to Pinterest.

Fun Around Town Scavenger Hunt

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Sometimes it’s best to get the team out of the office and around town. For a great race idea, hit the mall or a public setting like Target, Walmart, or an outdoor mall. We have two sets of Mall Scavenger Hunts so you can decide which is best for you. This Mall Scavenger Hunt is editable (again add your own ideas) while this Mall Scavenger Hunt is silly and fun. Complete challenges and find a time and place to meet up to establish a winner. You can award bonus points for creative photos, first to finish, etc. Pin to Pinterest.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Is your team working remotely or on opposite sites of the country? It is still possible to bring people together over a silly online scavenger hunt. This Virtual Scavenger Hunt game can be played in real-time over Zoom, Skype, Google Meets, or even over text using a cellphone! Try it out. It’s a great way to break up the working day. Work in the morning and take the afternoon off doing something silly and fun. If you have a large group participating in this virtual team hunt, split into remote teams and keep the leaderboard visual over everyone’s computer screen. Pin to Pinterest.

Holiday Party Scavenger Hunt

If you love holiday games, check out our list of Christmas Party Games including Christmas Minute to Win It Games. Keep track of these holiday party games and ideas and constantly check out the scavenger hunt printables as we have a Christmas party scavenger hunt in the works that will be here by the holiday season.

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Our Pinterest community and I would love to see how this worked out for you. Share your office party ideas and let us know how the work scavenger hunt went. Leave a comment here or on Pinterest!

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WHAT’S TRENDING? Looking for a few engaging activities? Grab Minute to Win it Games – Traditional, Holiday, Group, and more! Use these fun activities in the office, classroom, or at your next birthday party.

Cute Office Scavenger Hunt List - A Fun Office Party Game at Work! (2024)
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