Fourth bound and gagged victim found in Summit County had also been shot in head but survived (2024)

The suspect in three homicides in which the bodies of two men were found bound and gagged in the woods in Akron, along with the discovery of a similar third body found in Copley, is currently being held without bond following his arrest last week.

Elias Gudino, 58, has been charged with aggravated murder and attempted aggravated murder in connection with two shootings in Copley.

The attempted murder charge stems from a fourth victim who was bound and gagged and taken to a location in Copley. He was shot in the head but survived, according to Barberton Municipal Court records.

Akron police consider Gudino a suspect in the homicides, but he hasn't been charged in connection with the Akron men who were found bound and gagged.

Bodies found
On Friday just after 8:30 a.m., a man driving near Cordova Avenue and Redbush Road in Akron spotted two bodies in the woods. One was found face up and the other face down. Both had been bound and gagged, and each had been shot in the head.

The victims have been identified as Inmer Reyes, 25, and Victor Varela-Rodriguez, 31. Both are from Youngstown, according to the Summit County Medical Examiner's Office.

A short time later in Copley, a third body— also found bound and gagged and shot in the head— was spotted laying in a ditch in the 2100 block of Wright Road.

That person has been identified as Domingo Castillo-Reyes, 35, from Youngstown, the medical examiner's office said.

A fourth victim— who survived being shot in the head— was found in Copley as well, but authorities didn't provide a location of where he was found.

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Bodies of 2 men found bound, gagged in Akron woods; 3rd body found in Copley

On Friday, authorities identified Gudino as a suspect and served a search warrant at his home. Gudino was taken into custody and has been held in custody since.

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58-year-old man arrested in connection with 3 bodies found in Summit County

Police haven't said how they linked Gudino to the homicides.

Prior criminal history
This isn't the first time Gudino has been locked up. He was arrested on federal drug trafficking charges back in 2009 for bringing shipments of narcotics into the Akron area. At the time, Gudino operated a landscaping business for a decade prior to his arrest on drug charges.

Court records show that authorities had been aware of Gudino's drug trafficking activities since the late 1990s. Gudino's drug trafficking network reached from Mexico to Ohio, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois and Oklahoma.

A sentencing memo from his drug case said that Gudino showed "extreme remorse" and he "expressed his desire to undo his criminal activity so that his children would not suffer because of his crimes."

The memo went on to state that Gudino wished "to be an example to his children and family and hopes that he can earn forgiveness from them in the future."

Court records also said that at the time of his 2009 arrest, Gudino received numerous letters of support from individuals showing that he had a positive impact on the community. He was sentenced to serve a term of no more than 150 months. The sentencing memo said the request to serve no more than 150 months would "serve as a deterrent to both Mr. Gudino and the community."

Gudino was released from prison in 2017 and was on probation for the next five years, ending in May 2022.

What happens next
Gudino has a bond hearing set for Wednesday.

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Fourth bound and gagged victim found in Summit County had also been shot in head but survived (2024)
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