Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Quest (2024)

1. Find the diagrams to all elements of Wolf School witcher gear. 0/6

You need to find six diagrams to the Wolven School witcher gear. You'll find them in three places around Kaer Morhen:

  • Wolf School Gear (Whole Armor) - The skeleton of mage Hieronymus is located in the cave below the ruins of the old signal tower. Diagram: Wolven armor, Diagram: Wolven boots, Diagram: Wolven gauntlets, and Diagram: Wolven trousers.
  • Wolf School Gear (Steel Sword) - The skeleton of Varin is located in the Bastion ruins. Diagram: Wolven steel sword.
  • Wolf School Gear (Silver Sword) - The skeleton of Chird is located in the ruins of Ruined Watchtower. Diagram: Wolven silver sword.

2. Search the ruins of the signal tower near Kaer Morhen.

The ruins of the signal tower are located on a hill south of the Kaer Morhen castle. You can get there from the west side. When you get to the tower, find a chest with the Hieronymus' notes in it.

2.1. Read the mage Hieronymus' notes.

From the notes you will find out about the portal through which you can get to the cave inside the hill on which the ruins of the signal tower are located. You will also learn where you should look for more diagrams.

Hieronymus' notes

My study of Elgar's armor has allowed me to devise new alloys and increase the magic conductivity of the second crystal. This might be the breakthrough I needed in my work on the teleport. For my trial run, I have calibrated the portal to exit in the cave near the tower's base. I need now only charge the crystal with solar energy, for which purpose I have placed it in the outer wall of the tower, near the scaffolding. Only hours remain before it is entirely charged!

I have finished my work on a diagram which will allow us to replicate this armor and equip the entire School of the Wolf with it. Varin, the witchers' fencing instructor, has taken credit for this find, but it was I who, using logical deduction and only a slight dollop of magic assistance, uncovered the chamber where Elgar must have once resided. The space was hidden behind a primitive illusion, one needed merely look carefully to see through it. I found notes which indicate Elgar had worked out diagrams for improvements to his equipment which he then hid for safekeeping in various locations around the world. Careful study of his notes allowed me to write up instructions on how to find these upgrades. I went to the old watchtower and gave this research to Chird. As soon as he finishes preparing the silver sword diagram, he will set out to gather all the upgrade diagrams. Varin has the finished steel sword diagram and will begin forging blades based on it. I hope he will distribute them to the poor lads he trains - they at least deserve proper equipment after going through the horror he calls training.

By the gods - I think I see fire on the horizon, coming from where the old watchtower stands! I can also hear some kind of commotion outside my tower.

The way down is blocked - what is going on?!

2.2. Use your Witcher Senses to examine the portal's mechanism.

Examine two elements of the portal's mechanism located in the tower. One of them is missing a power crystal...

...the other one seems to be operational and just needs to be charged.

2.3. Find the missing crystal needed to power the generator.

Go to the northwestern part of the ruins and climb the scaffolding by the north wall of the tower.

You'll find the missing crystal in a recess in the wall.

2.4. Mount the crystal in the generator and charge it using a Sign. / Charge the crystal(s) using the Aard Sign.

Return to the portal mechanism, mount the missing crystal and then use the Aard sign to charge both crystals. The portal will appear when you charge one of them but it will be unstable and you need to charge BOTH of them to use it.

2.5. Enter Hieronymus' portal and explore the location on the other side.

Jump into the portal and you will be teleported to the cave below the tower.

When you approach the skeleton lying in the cave, a wraith (23) will appear, which you must kill. Then take the diagrams (Diagram: Wolven armor, Diagram: Wolven boots, Diagram: Wolven gauntlets, Diagram: Wolven trousers) and the Notes written in a shaky hand from the corpse.

2.6. Read Hieronymus' last words.

Notes written in a shaky hand

Cannot move. Spine broken, liver (perhaps spleen?) pierced. Knew jumping into portal was extremely risky with only 1 crystal powering it - but still better than certain death at hands of enraged peasants. Mob broke into tower, cut off path to second crystal. Had to flee. Grabbed diagrams for Wolf School gear before going - hoping Varin would come save them, if not me. Perhaps he will come still, will jump through the portal, retrieve his diagrams, rescue me... A foolish hope. My time is very short.

You can leave the cave by sliding down or carefully jumping down the rock shelves outside.

3. Search the ruins of the bastion near Kaer Morhen.

Go to the ruins of the old Bastion, kill the wraiths (23) you encounter there and find a skeleton with Diagram: Wolven steel sword, and Varin's journal.

3.1. Read Varin's journal.

Varin's journal

Elgar's gear is fantastic. I knew it at once, soon as I found it. Right away I said every new witcher we train should be given such equipment - that is, if we are serious about making monster slayers out of this band of prissy schoolboys.

How many times must I ask our honorable resident mage to devote some of his precious time to actual work! Resident like that's as useful as a boil on the bottom. At least his assistant, Chird, knows a thing or two about metallurgy. The two of them have finally gotten down to work.

The steel sword diagram is now ready, and, assuming they didn't foul anything up, tomorrow I'll forge the first blade. I'll go to Chird's workshop in the old watchtower after today's training and see if he's finished the silver sword diagram as he promised. Then I'll go to Hieronymus' tower - he should have finished that armor diagram by now.

Thought I heard a signal horn in the distance a second ago. Hooch must be getting to my head. No one's fool enough to attack a keep full of witchers.

4. Search the ruined watchtower near Kaer Morhen.

Go to the Ruined Watchtower, kill the wraith (23) you encounter there and find a skeleton with Diagram: Wolven silver sword, and Journal kept by Chird, the mage Hieronymus' assistant.

4.1. Read Chird's journal.

Journal kept by Chird, the mage Hieronymus' assistant

I write in great haste, for each moment might bring my demise. A band of peasants wielding all manner of sharp or heavy farmyard implements has stormed the keep. I was in the workshop when they attacked, working on a new silver sword diagram, and did not notice the mob's approach. I have barricaded the doors but know this cannot last forever. I can only hope Varin will come and rescue me before they break through.

Luckily we completed work on a new steel sword diagram a few days ago and gave it to Varin to forge. Armed with this fine weapon and aided by his witcher pupils, I'm sure he'll easily handle a bunch of peasants swinging hoes and rakes. Yet even rakes can do great harm to an unarmed scholar such as my master. Hieronymus has been shut up in his tower for days, absorbed in his work on a new armor diagram. He might remain oblivious still to the danger he is in. Should the mob find him before Varin can slice them down...

And to think I nearly escaped this nightmare! If I had only listened to my master... Hieronymus had drawn up some notes for me on locations connected with the legendary Elgar, a witcher of the School of the Wolf. It is said Elgar had devised some improvements to the School's gear, and I was to follow his trail in search of these diagrams. Had I left even as late as yesterday, I would have been a safe distance from Kaer Morhen by the time the mob attacked. Instead, I tarried, and now I cower, fearing for my life...

5. Quest completed.

In the end Geralt found diagrams to all the elements of Wolf School witcher gear. While hunting for them, he learned the story of the witcher Varin and Hieronymus the mage, and also found out how upgraded components of witcher gear were first created.

Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Quest (2024)
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