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Town hall 9 Attack strategies are a lot better than TH8. You are introduced to several new attack strategies that can be retried at any town hall level in the future.

The biggest benefit that you get after upgrading to TH9 is that you get to unlock the Archer Queen. She is probably the most loved Hero in the game. Yes, Royal Champion is giving it a tough competition but then again Archer Queen is available to more players as compared to Royal Champion.

Read on our whole guide to learn new TH9 attack strategies, army compositions, and twists in old attack styles.

Army 10 Mass Dragon With a Twist

Army Composition:

  • 10 Dragon
  • 4 Balloon
  • 8-9 Light Spell
  • 0-1 Poison spell

Training Cost:286K Elixir

Training Time:32 Minutes

Yes, I Said above that the Mass dragon spam attack is not worth it at Town hall 9 (and beyond) therefore we do a slight modification. We take 4 balloons along with 10 Dragons and 9 light spells.

You will take out two air defenses using 8 light spells. You should target the two air defenses that are in the innermost compartments of the base. Use your barbarian King and archer queen to destroy the third.

Deploy 2-3 dragons near the fourth air defense and when it locks on dragons deploy balloons. The mighty balloons will destroy the fourth and final defense. Yes, the X-bow can cause trouble. Use poison to kill either Enemy queen or CC troops.

Builder Hall 6 Max Levels

Army 9 GoHog Best TH9 Attack Strategy

Top 10 Town Hall 9 Attack Strategies (2023) Best Army Troop Combination, Composition - NewForestSafari (1)

Army Composition:

  • 2 Golem
  • 24 Hog Rider
  • 6 Archer
  • 5 wall breaker
  • 6 wizards
  • 2 Heal Spell
  • 2 Rage Spell
  • 1 Poison spell

Training Cost:129K Elixir, 1977 Dark elixir

Training Time:32 Min 51 Sec

This strategy is going to cost you a good amount of dark elixir so use it only when your town hall 9 is about to max out and you have dark elixir to spare. This will give you guaranteed three stars so you don’t have to worry about trophies.

The strategy is simple you deploy one golem on each side of the edge of the opponent’s base. Do not deploy them on the side of the queen as it will kill the golem while staying behind the wall. Use 2-3 wall breakers to pave the path for a golem.

Deploy two wizards behind each golem. Deploy the barbarian king and archer queen in between the funnel created by two golems. As soon as xbow starts targeting golems you deploy 2 groups of hog riders (12 each) behind each golem. Use rage spell on hogs and heal on golems plus heroes.

Army 8 Lavaloonion Best Town hall 9 attack Strategy

Army Composition:

  • 3 Lava Hound
  • 20 Balloons
  • 15 minions
  • 4 Rage Spell
  • 1 Haste/Poison Spell

Training Cost:202K elixir, 1595 Dark Elixir

Training Time:29 min 30 sec

This is another costly attack strategy that you can use if you have an extra dark elixir. This air raid is a simplified version of Lavaloon and Queen Walk.

Lavaloonion strategy is easy to follow. You deploy one lava hound on each air defense along with 5 balloons behind each lava. Use rage spell on Balloon group. The remaining balloons will be deployed near the fourth air defense.

Minions are tasked to help lava pups wipe out the remaining base. You can use haste over balloons to speed them up or you can take a poison spell to weaken the opponent queen.

Army 7 Gowipe Town Hall 9 3 Stars Attack

Army Composition:

  • 2 Golem
  • 4 Pekka
  • 6 Wall Breaker
  • 12 Wizards
  • 2 Heal Spell
  • 2 Rage Spell
  • 1 Poison Spell

Training Cost:226K Elixir, 825 Dark Elixir

Training Time:29 min 30 sec

The good old Gowipe is useful on every town hall level. It is the most basic strategy that you can perfect while also mastering your funneling art.

Again we deploy one golem on each side followed by 3 wall breakers. Deploy 3 wizards behind each golem to create the funnel. When the funnel path to the center of the base is clear we will deploy Pekka. Use all spells on Pekka but as per the situation.

Your heroes will help to wipe out external buildings so that Pekka does not come outside the base and ruin the mission. You can take a freeze or light spell if you want to save dark elixir.

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— DPhantom (@DPhantom103) May 14, 2022

Army 6 GoWiWi Town Hall 9 Attack Strategies

Army Composition:

  • 2 Golem
  • 10 Witches
  • 6 Wall breaker
  • 7 wizards
  • 2 Heal Spell
  • 2 Rage Spell
  • 1 skeleton spell

Training Cost:138K elixir, 2200 Dark elixir

Training Time:35 Min

This strategy is called witch slap and it justifies its name by demolishing the opponent’s base within minutes. Again we will use golems to make a funnel for our 10 witches. We will deploy a golem on the edges of the base along with 3 wall breakers behind each.

The wizard along with Barbarian King and Archer queen will make the funnel wide by clearing outsider obstacles. Once the path to the center of the base is wide open we will deploy our 10 witches. Deploy 5 witches in two groups with both groups at 4-5 tiles apart.

Use heal spells to heal heroes and golems whereas rage on witches once they are inside the base. Do not use all your wizards in one go. Deploy wizards only when you need to keep witches inside the funnel.

Army 5 Mass Goblin town hall 9 attack strategy

Army Composition:

  • Mass 220 Goblins

Training Cost:138K Elixir 110 Dark Elixir

Training Time:27 Min

Although we said above that we won’t be using mass single-troop armies but a mass goblin attack is a must if you want to loot a huge amount of gold, elixir, and dark elixir in the shortest amount of time.

If you want this mass goblin spam attack strategy to be successful then keep your trophies in the range of 2000 to 3000. Also, remember you are not going to win the battles as your main goal is to loot gold/elixir.

Use this strategy whenever your builders are free and you want to push a town hall upgrade.

Army 4 Mass Baby Dragon Best troops for th9

Army Composition:

  • Mass 22 Baby Dragon
  • 9 Light Spell

Training Cost:240K Elixir

Training Time:33 Min

This is another mass spam attack strategy that you must include in your town hall 9 attacks. Baby dragon has a special quality that its damage per second doubles when it is not in the range of other flying troops.

This is the reason why we will use it alone. Deploy only one baby dragon at a time at one point. Keep it out of range of air defense. All baby dragons deployed should be apart from each other to get the maximum benefit of this strategy.

Army 3 GiWiPe th9 attack strategy without cc

Army Composition:

  • 12 Giants
  • 10 Wizards
  • 4 Pekka
  • 5 Barbarian
  • 5 Archer
  • 5 wall breaker
  • 3 heal spell
  • 1 rage spell
  • 1 Freeze spell

Training Cost:260K Elixir

Training Time:27 Min

There are multiple reasons why I love the GiWiPe attack. Firstly this army doesn’t use a single drop of dark elixir. Therefore if you are in shortage of this rare resource then feel free to build this army and wreak havoc on opponent bases.

Secondly, this strategy is so powerful that I usually overkill another town hall on 9 bases no matter how they design it.

You have to deploy all 12 giants in a group of one to the opposite side of the Opponent queen. Use the wizards, barbarians archers, and Pekka to make a funnel for giants.

Make sure your queen and atleast two Pekkas enter the base with the Giants. Use heal spell on troops that are at the center of the base. Use a freeze spell on the enemy queen to clean bold her quickly.

Army 2 GoValk best th9 army

Army Composition:

  • 2 Golem
  • 15 Valkyrie
  • 6 Wall breaker
  • 7 wizards
  • 1 heal spell
  • 3 rage spell
  • 1 poison spell

Training Cost:136400 Elixir, 2325 Dark Elixir

Training Time:37 Min 30 sec

Now it is clear to you that the most powerful armies at higher town hall levels use a lot of dark elixirs. The GoValk strategy is also another powerful army that will put a burden on your dark elixir storage.

But if you find town halls full of gold, elixir, and dark elixir then you can fill your storage in no time while also winning a lot of trophies.

The Valkyries need a funneling to enter the base and after that, you need to rage them. Most town hall 9 defenses get destroyed in less than 90 seconds. The only enemy of this strategy is opponent heroes. Therefore you need poison to slow down their damage.

Army 1 QUEEN WALK best town hall 9 army

Army Composition:

  • 5 Healers
  • 3 Lava
  • 12 Balloon
  • 4 Rage Spell
  • 1 Freeze Spell

Training Cost:223K Elixir, 1350 Dark Elixir

Training Time:31 Min

Out of all the attack strategies in clash of clans queen walk is my favorite. No matter how many strategies you use or how many different combinations you try, there is nothing as good as queen walk.

The beauty about queen walk is that you can try different army combinations with it. The basic rule is that you need healers that keep healing your queen while she supercharges through the center of the base and tears apart the town hall.

You can use an air raid queen attack where the lava hound and balloon help the queen to destroy the opponent’s base or you can use a gowipe style queen walk where the Pekka makes a funnel for a queen.

In any army, combination remembers the healers must be protected from air defense so that they provide maximum healing to the powerful queen. Also, you must have the highest level of the queen at your town hall so that you do not fail in this strategy.

Which attack is best for town hall 9?

Even though Mass attack still works at Town hall 9 but I will still recommend going for hybrid armies as they give you a better understanding of how the game evolves at higher town hall levels.

You can get three stars with Mass dragon or mass hog rider or Mass Valkyrie or even Mass Pekka attack but all these attacks are successful only against Town Hall 9.5 or lower.

A maxed-out town hall 9 with a maxed-out queen and troops in Clan castle can easily overthrow such attacks.

What’s the best attack strategy for the clash of clans?

For the sake of the above arguments, I have tried to not include Mass “inert troop here” armies in this top 10 list.

You will still find two mass armies in the list below but they solve a special purpose. If you want to create the best attack strategy for TH9 then you must focus on the two x-bow and archer queens that are introduced at this town hall level.

How do you attack a dragon with town hall 9?

As the Queen can attack both ground and air therefore mass dragon attack strategy is almost a failure. Also, you have four air defenses at Town hall 9 which makes it almost impossible to defeat via a dragon spam attack.

Which Town hall 9 attack strategy is your favorite?

Clash ON

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