700 Celestial Names for Your Fictional Universe (2024)

Welcome to our celestial naming extravaganza! In this article, we are delighted to share with you 700 creative and enchanting celestial names that will undoubtedly ignite your imagination. As Shakespeare once said, “We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” So, let’s dive into this dreamlike collection of celestial names that are sure to inspire your next creative endeavor.

As a naming specialist with three years of experience in the field, I have had the pleasure of delving deep into the realm of fantasy character naming and celestial monikers. Crafting names that resonate with the cosmos and evoke a sense of wonder has been my passion. Throughout my journey, I’ve discovered that celestial names hold a unique allure, blending ethereal beauty with a touch of mystery. Whether you’re an aspiring writer, a gamer in need of a captivating character name, or simply a celestial enthusiast, this list is bound to have something that speaks to your soul

Get ready to embark on a celestial naming adventure like no other! In this article, we promise to unveil a plethora of celestial names, each one as unique as the stars in the night sky. You’ll find names inspired by constellations, mythological deities, distant galaxies, and much more. So, if you’re seeking that perfect name with an otherworldly charm, look no further. Let your creativity soar as you browse through this celestial galaxy of names that will surely leave you spellbound.

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Celestial Names

700 Celestial Names for Your Fictional Universe (1)

  • Caelumine
  • Altarion
  • Zephyria
  • Novallia
  • Astronova
  • Lunarael
  • Vesperion
  • Soltrix
  • Oriza
  • Zenarae
  • Cassilon
  • Nebulyn
  • Selunora
  • Helionis
  • Stellavia
  • Aurorasia
  • Ziranthe
  • Galaxaris
  • Eclipsion
  • Astrapheia
  • Lyrianth
  • Celestora
  • Orionys
  • Solivara
  • Novestra
  • Zephyrane
  • Bellarian
  • Zenarisol
  • Nebulara
  • Astradelle
  • Lunarisys
  • Astraelys
  • Caeliana
  • Solsticea
  • Vespertis
  • Astridora
  • Novataur
  • Zenitha
  • Selarian
  • Lyraluna
  • Cassithia
  • Elystris
  • Galaraea
  • Zephionyx
  • Lunestra
  • Solvarra
  • Aethelis
  • Nebelux
  • Celestira
  • Orionova
  • Stellaviax
  • Bellatrixis
  • Astraelyx
  • Caelios
  • Vespertine
  • Astrara
  • Lunarien
  • Zephronyx
  • Galactrixia
  • Heliosora
  • Zirconara
  • Altarael
  • Zenovis
  • Nebulys
  • Elystrien
  • Astraera
  • Caeliona
  • Sollara
  • Novaelyn
  • Vesperon
  • Zephyranth
  • Astrylia
  • Stellavox
  • Cassilyn
  • Heliona
  • Zoharian
  • Selaria
  • Lyrianis
  • Novarex
  • Solenna

20 Celestial Names With Meanings

700 Celestial Names for Your Fictional Universe (2)

  1. Solasta – A name meaning “radiant and brilliant,” inspired by the sun’s powerful glow.
  2. Astronia – A celestial name reflecting “divine inspiration from the stars.”
  3. Novusphere – A unique cosmic name symbolizing “a new world beyond.”
  4. Lunessa – A name embodying “moonlight and the essence of night.”
  5. Stellamar – A celestial name encompassing “vastness and mystery of stars.”
  6. Eclipsara – A name inspired by “celestial events, like the eclipse.”
  7. Zirianth – A celestial being, “guardian of cosmic balance.”
  8. Galaxion – A cosmic name representing “explorer of distant galaxies.”
  9. Orionelle – A name signifying “hunter of celestial wonders.”
  10. Vesperia – A celestial name linked to “evening star’s enchantment.”
  11. Helionyx – A name embodying “solar energy and strength.”
  12. Nebulae – A name depicting “cosmic beauty and ever-changing form.”
  13. Zoharian – A celestial name derived from “shining and radiant essence.”
  14. Caeliora – A name symbolizing “heavenly and ethereal nature.”
  15. Astraquill – A celestial name, “writing the stories of stars.”
  16. Zenithis – A name meaning “reaching the highest celestial point.”
  17. Cassiaris – A celestial being “with enchanting star power.”
  18. Lyrelune – A name connecting “celestial melody to the moon.”
  19. Aetherius – A celestial name representing “the upper sky’s essence.”
  20. Selunox – A unique name combining “moonlight and cosmic energy.”

Celestial Star Names

700 Celestial Names for Your Fictional Universe (3)

  • Astralios – Starry and brilliant.
  • Luminora – Radiant celestial light.
  • Novaster – A new, dazzling star.
  • Zephyrion – A celestial breeze of stars.
  • Nebuloria – Resembling cosmic nebulae.
  • Heliospire – A fiery star pinnacle.
  • Selenya – Gleaming lunar star.
  • Astraclipt – Celestial eclipse of stars.
  • Galactrix – A star from another galaxy.
  • Celestrix – A celestial beacon of light.
  • Quasaria – A mysterious celestial star.
  • Eclipteron – The star aligning the ecliptic.
  • Hypernova – A powerful, exploding star.
  • Stellaria – A cluster of tiny stars.
  • Chronotis – A time-traveling star.
  • Lucernyx – The radiant guide star.
  • Asteroptics – A star with cosmic optics.
  • Eventaria – A star signaling cosmic events.
  • Zodiacus – A star within the zodiac.
  • Spectrex – A star with spectral wonders.
  • Caelibra – A star with perfect balance.
  • Celestina – A graceful celestial star.
  • Ignisara – A star burning with fire.
  • Lunavius – The star of the moon.
  • Firmamenta – A star holding the sky.
  • Cometeon – A star reminiscent of comets.
  • Astraflare – A dazzling flare in space.
  • Sidereus – A star like the constellations.
  • Stellarose – A star blossoming brightly.
  • Nebulux – A star wrapped in cosmic haze.

Pretty Celestial Names

700 Celestial Names for Your Fictional Universe (4)

  • Elara – Shining and beautiful.
  • Astraea – Starry and graceful.
  • Selene – Resembling the moon.
  • Caelia – Heavenly and serene.
  • Elysia – A blissful celestial name.
  • Novara – A new and charming name.
  • Lyrica – Melodious and celestial.
  • Ziriana – A pretty name like a breeze.
  • Astraia – Inspired by the stars.
  • Belenus – A beautiful sun-related name.
  • Selenite – Elegant like the moon.
  • Celestine – Heavenly and delicate.
  • Orionne – Graceful like the constellation.
  • Nebulae – Enchanting and mystical.
  • Bellatrix – A pretty starry warrior.
  • Aurora – Resembling the dawn.
  • Lunara – Moonlit and enchanting.
  • Vespera – Evening star charm.
  • Cassiopea – A beautiful star name.
  • Seraphine – Angelic and celestial.
  • Stellara – Star-like and lovely.
  • Astridelle – A charming star name.
  • Solara – Radiant like the sun.
  • Celestia – Heavenly and divine.
  • Amarae – A name as eternal as the sky.
  • Nocturna – Pretty and night-inspired.
  • Altairia – A lovely star to behold.
  • Altheia – Bright and healing like stars.
  • Aeliora – A name with celestial light.
  • Stellaris – Beautiful, like the stars above.

Celestial Male Names

Orion – A hunter among stars.

Helios – A sun-like celestial name.

Zephyrion – A celestial breeze of stars.

Vega – Brightest star in the sky.

Astron – Inspired by celestial bodies.

Solstice – Marking the sun’s turning point.

Cassius – A name from the stars.

Astrarion – A name with starry origins.

Caelum – Latin for “celestial” or “sky.”

Hyperion – A titan of the sun.

Altair – A star in the constellation Aquila.

Novaar – A new star rising.

Zenith – The highest point in the sky.

Lyra – After the celestial lyre.

Draco – Inspired by the dragon constellation.

Zohar – A radiant and shining name.

Astor – A celestial and regal name.

Caelan – A name meaning “mighty warrior of the sky.”

Apollo – After the Greek god of the sun.

Atrius – Connected to the stars.

Cygnus – After the constellation of the swan.

Seren – Welsh for “star” or “starry.”

Heliodor – Gift of the sun.

Aether – The upper sky or heavenly atmosphere.

Selwyn – Friend of the stars.

Astelan – A name of celestial heritage.

Sirius – The brightest star in the night sky.

Atlas – Holding the celestial sphere.

Solisius – A name connected to the sun.

Zuben – A star name from the Libra constellation.

Celestial Female Names

Celestia – Heavenly and divine.

Selena – Resembling the moon.

Aurora – Resembling the dawn.

Seraphine – Angelic and celestial.

Cassiopeia – A beautiful star name.

Nova – A new and bright star.

Estelle – Star-like and radiant.

Astrid – Inspired by the stars.

Andromeda – A celestial princess.

Astra – Starry and luminous.

Luna – Moon-related and enchanting.

Callista – Most beautiful, like a star.

Caelia – Heavenly and ethereal.

Lyra – After the celestial lyre.

Vesper – Evening star charm.

Zara – A name inspired by the dawn.

Eowyn – Graceful like the constellation.

Bellatrix – A feminine star warrior.

Altaira – A name with a celestial touch.

Soleil – French for “sun,” radiant and warm.

Elara – Shining and beautiful.

Aelia – Of the sun and stars.

Cassara – A celestial enchantress.

Nebula – Mystical and alluring.

Oriana – A golden name from the stars.

Novaia – A new and unique star.

Astraia – A name connected to the stars.

Estrella – Spanish for “star,” celestial and bright.

Zosma – A starry and brilliant name.

Selene – Like the goddess of the moon.

Celestial Last Names

Starborne – Descended from celestial origins.

Astrionyx – A name representing star clusters.

Celestium – Of or belonging to the heavens.

Luminara – Radiance from the stars.

Zodiark – A name tied to the zodiac.

Solaris – Linked to the sun.

Nebuline – Inspired by cosmic nebulae.

Stellarius – Of or relating to stars.

Lunaris – Moon-related last name.

Galacton – A name from distant galaxies.

Novasol – A new sun rising.

Astralis – Connected to the stars.

Heliodra – A name meaning “sun’s gift.”

Zephyrian – A last name with celestial breezes.

Ecliptis – Tied to the solar eclipse.

Caelarian – Of or from the celestial realm.

Orionis – Linked to the hunter of stars.

Stellaris – Starry and radiant surname.

Solarin – Belonging to the sun.

Astraris – A family name inspired by stars.

Nebulius – A last name with cosmic haze.

Solstice – Associated with the sun’s turning point.

Selenis – Of or connected to the moon.

Astrionis – A name representing celestial bodies.

Celestiux – A unique and celestial last name.

Galaxion – A name from the Milky Way.

Elystri – From Elysium, the celestial paradise.

Nebulaire – A French-inspired cosmic last name.

Zenithia – Reaching the highest point like the sky.

Zirael – A celestial surname with a beautiful sound.

Celestial Goddess Names

Selenea – Goddess of the moon.

Celestria – Goddess of the heavens.

Astraea – Goddess of the stars.

Novara – A new and divine goddess.

Lyriana – Goddess of celestial music.

Zephyrine – Goddess of gentle breezes.

Astraia – Goddess of the constellations.

Solaris – Goddess of the sun.

Bellatrix – Goddess of celestial warriors.

Elysia – Goddess of heavenly bliss.

Auroria – Goddess of the dawn.

Galaxia – Goddess of galaxies and space.

Caeliana – Goddess of the sky.

Serenya – Goddess of starlight.

Lunaria – Goddess of the moon’s influence.

Zirana – Goddess of the celestial winds.

Nebulosa – Goddess of cosmic nebulae.

Solstice – Goddess of seasonal transitions.

Astraphe – Goddess of celestial phenomena.

Astoria – Goddess of the stars’ majesty.

Heliona – Goddess of the sun’s energy.

Aetheria – Goddess of the upper sky.

Altaira – Goddess of the celestial realm.

Cassara – Goddess of enchanting stars.

Vespera – Goddess of evening stars.

Selaris – Goddess of moonlit beauty.

Noviana – Goddess of new celestial creations.

Caeliara – Goddess ruling over the heavens.

Zenara – Goddess of celestial harmony.

Solarielle – Goddess of radiant light.

Celestial Body Names

Andromeda – A galaxy and a constellation.

Heliosphere – The region of the sun’s influence.

Zirconia – A celestial gemstone-like body.

Astrarium – A cosmic clock or observatory.

Nebulon – A spacecraft traveling through nebulae.

Galaxara – A celestial being from a galaxy.

Caelumis – A hypothetical celestial element.

Orionyx – A mythical creature from the stars.

Lyridon – A meteor shower name.

Solivox – A cosmic instrument generating sounds.

Cassopia – A land of celestial wonders.

Vesperis – The evening or night star.

Altairis – A faraway planet or star system.

Selenium – A mineral or substance from the moon.

Helionyx – A mythical creature born of the sun.

Stellara – A fictional constellation or star cluster.

Auroraen – A phenomenon related to the northern lights.

Lunariad – A journey to the moon or lunar realm.

Zephreon – A celestial structure or architectural wonder.

Novastra – A spaceship exploring new stars.

Astraleon – The cosmic king or ruler of stars.

Cosmara – A cosmic lake or body of water.

Galactra – A mythical deity governing galaxies.

Astrolis – A celestial library or repository of knowledge.

Celestior – A powerful entity from the heavens.

Zenithra – A place or event at the highest point in the sky.

Selenara – A celestial celebration of the moon.

Novaris – A mythical being embodying new stars.

Nebulith – A precious stone formed in cosmic dust.

Solarena – An arena or battleground in space.

Uncommon Celestial Names

Zirael – Celestial and rare.

Lunora – Of the moon and rare.

Astronel – Uncommon celestial origin.

Novantis – A rare, new star.

Caeloria – Uncommon celestial beauty.

Nebulius – Rare and nebula-like.

Solvaris – An unusual sun-related name.

Vesperia – Rare evening star charm.

Altairis – Uncommon name from the stars.

Zephiron – A rare celestial breeze.

Serenova – A unique celestial harmony.

Galandria – A rare celestial being.

Aurorian – Uncommon goddess of dawn.

Orionis – A rare hunter of stars.

Astraphe – An unusual celestial phenomenon.

Bellarian – Uncommon celestial warrior.

Heliodor – A rare gift of the sun.

Zirconis – Uncommon celestial gemstone.

Cassinara – Rare enchanting star.

Elystrius – An uncommon Elysian name.

Nebulus – A rare cosmic haze.

Solstice – Uncommon sun-related turning point.

Zenithra – A rare high point in the sky.

Aetheris – Uncommon upper sky element.

Selentia – Rare moon-inspired name.

Novastra – An unusual new star.

Stellarian – Rare star-related name.

Caelorin – Uncommon celestial essence.

Vesperine – A rare evening star.

Galaxara – Uncommon celestial entity.

Cool Celestial Names

Orion – A cool hunter among stars.

Nova – A cool new and bright star.

Astrid – A cool name inspired by the stars.

Solstice – A cool sun’s turning point.

Vega – A cool and brightest star.

Zephyr – A cool celestial breeze.

Lyra – A cool name from the celestial lyre.

Astra – A cool starry and luminous name.

Helios – A cool sun-like celestial name.

Bellatrix – A cool starry warrior.

Seraph – A cool celestial being.

Altair – A cool star in the constellation Aquila.

Nebula – A cool and mystical name.

Cygnus – A cool name after the constellation of the swan.

Solaris – A cool name linked to the sun.

Draco – A cool name inspired by the dragon constellation.

Zenith – A cool highest point in the sky.

Arian – A cool celestial-inspired name.

Apollo – A cool name after the Greek god of the sun.

Caelum – A cool name meaning “celestial” or “sky.”

Selena – A cool name resembling the moon.

Astraia – A cool name connected to the stars.

Lyric – A cool musical and celestial name.

Nox – A cool name inspired by the night sky.

Eos – A cool name associated with the dawn.

Helia – A cool name related to the sun.

Solis – A cool name referring to the sun.

Galen – A cool celestial and calm name.

Seren – A cool Welsh name for “star” or “starry.”

Vesper – A cool name of the evening star.

Unique Celestial Names

Zephyrona – A unique celestial breeze.

Caelirielle – A uniquely heavenly melody.

Orionyxia – A distinctive starry creature.

Novarion – A novel celestial origin.

Galaxarae – Unique beings from galaxies.

Astralisia – A celestial realm’s uniqueness.

Lunarisol – A uniquely lunar connection.

Nebulixis – Uniquely entwined cosmic haze.

Solventra – A distinctive sun-related essence.

Zirastria – A celestial uniqueness and power.

Cassaria – A uniquely enchanting star.

Vesperion – Uniquely radiant evening star.

Heliora – A distinctive solar radiance.

Altairis – Uniquely soaring to the stars.

Astrapheon – A singular celestial phenomenon.

Bellastelle – A distinctive starry beauty.

Selendria – A rare and unique lunar name.

Novosiris – A novel god of new stars.

Lyrazur – Uniquely blue like celestial music.

Zenitheon – A singular zenith in the sky.

Astronom – A uniquely cosmic explorer.

Solitudea – A celestial uniqueness of isolation.

Nebulosa – A distinctive and mystical name.

Seraphus – Uniquely angelic like celestial beings.

Celestius – A rare and unique celestial entity.

Zephoria – A singular state of celestial bliss.

Aestellis – A unique and majestic star.

Galactra – A distinctive ruler of galaxies.

Aurorion – A unique goddess of the dawn.

Stellarian – Uniquely connected to the stars.

700 Celestial Names for Your Fictional Universe (5)

How To Choose A Good Celestial Name

Step into the enchanting realm of celestial names, where stars and galaxies bestow a sense of wonder and grandeur upon characters. The art of choosing a good celestial name is a journey that embraces the cosmic mysteries and symbolism of the universe. A well-crafted celestial name not only reflects the essence of the cosmos but also adds a touch of ethereal beauty to the character’s persona. In this article, we will embark on a cosmic exploration to discover the intricacies of selecting a good celestial name that resonates with the wonders of the universe.

Understanding the Cosmic Realm:

To truly appreciate the allure of celestial names, one must delve into celestial mythology and symbolism. The cosmos, with its stars, planets, and constellations, provides a rich tapestry of inspiration for naming choices. Embracing the celestial context of names allows for the creation of names that transport characters into the cosmic realm of imagination.

Unearthing Uncommon Celestial Terminology:

Celestial names can draw inspiration from astronomical references and constellations. Exploring the vastness of the night sky opens up a universe of possibilities for unique and meaningful choices. Additionally, utilizing celestial words from different cultures adds a touch of diversity and richness to celestial names.

Eliciting Cosmic Essence through Names:

Celestial names should evoke the qualities and traits associated with the cosmos. Conveying celestial qualities, such as brilliance, brightness, and otherworldly charm, adds depth and dimension to the name. Each celestial name becomes a reflection of the character’s cosmic essence and journey.

Harmonizing with the Character’s Persona:

A well-chosen celestial name should harmonize with the character’s attributes and persona. The name becomes a cosmic extension of the character, capturing their unique traits and cosmic journey. Aligning the name with the character’s persona adds a layer of authenticity to their cosmic existence.

The Art of Crafting Ethereal Celestial Names:

Crafting an ethereal celestial name is an art that involves balancing elegance and uniqueness. Celestial names often possess a melodic and rhythmic quality that echoes the harmony of the universe. Creating names with a celestial rhythm ensures that the name flows effortlessly, captivating the imagination of readers.

Seeking Inspiration from the Night Sky:

The celestial wonders of the night sky offer endless inspiration for celestial names. Drawing from celestial events and phenomena, such as meteor showers and eclipses, infuses the name with a sense of cosmic magic. Embracing the mysteries of the universe allows for the creation of names that sparkle like distant stars.


In conclusion, we hope this journey through 700 celestial names has been a celestial delight for you. Exploring the vast cosmos of names inspired by stars, planets, constellations, and mythical beings is a truly enchanting experience. Whether you’re a writer seeking the perfect name for your otherworldly characters or someone who simply finds joy in the celestial wonders, we believe there’s a name in this list for everyone.

Remember that a name carries its own unique power, shaping perceptions and evoking emotions. Just like stars that light up the night sky, the right name can illuminate your creations and breathe life into your stories. So, whether you choose a name with a celestial theme or find inspiration to create your own, may these celestial names fuel your imagination and add a touch of magic to your endeavors.

As we conclude this celestial naming adventure, we encourage you to embrace the cosmos within you and let your creativity soar. Names are gateways to imagination, and with 700 celestial names at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re writing a novel, embarking on a gaming quest, or simply marveling at the wonders of the universe, may these celestial names be your guiding stars, illuminating your path with their celestial brilliance. Happy naming!


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700 Celestial Names for Your Fictional Universe (2024)
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